Autism in Motion: Could Motor Problems Trigger Social Ones? >> Autism

6/8/2017 About 80 percent of people with autism have some sort of movement problem, ranging from clumsiness or a mechanical style of walking to more profound difficulties like Macey's.

Ontario to roll out details of $533M autism program | Toronto Star >> Autism

6/8/2017 Long-awaited plan has no age cap, promises kids intensity and duration of treatment they need when they need it, the Star has learned.

New Hope for Diagnosing Autism in Babies >> Autism

6/8/2017 But scientists at UNC Chapel Hill have now used brain scans to predict with near pinpoint accuracy whether babies as young as 6 months would develop autism by age 2. Two is the age when telltale repetitive behavior and other signs of autism usually ...

Families welcome changes to Ontario's autism program >> Autism

6/8/2017 For families relying on provincially funded services, the journey from autism diagnosis to treatment has involved red tape, wait lists, information overload, bewildering rules about who qualifies for therapy and for how long, and then lining up for ...

New Autism Drug Shows Promising Results >> Autism

6/8/2017 “To put that in context,” he added, “autism spectrum disorder is defined as having an ADOS score between 7 and 10, with 10 being the highest.

On the autism spectrum, one man finds a home in the theater >> Autism

6/8/2017 Steven, 28, has a type of autism spectrum disorder formerly classified as Asperger's Syndrome. Others in the cast of 30 have Down syndrome or cerebral palsy.

Runner With Autism Breaks Barriers—And Hurdles Them >> Autism

6/8/2017 His parents, however, can't separate his running from his autism. They recounted how they weren't sure he could run track in eighth grade, because they didn't know if he'd be able to tie his shoes.

What is autism and how is it treated? >> Autism

6/8/2017 Autism is a group of brain development disorders that have a variety of manifestations. The hallmark of autism is the disability to interact normally with others using both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Grandin to highlight autism conference >> Autism

6/8/2017 The 15th annual Milestones' Autism Spectrum Disorder Conference, spreading wisdom for children and adults with autism, will be held June 15-16 at the I-X Center in Cleveland, highlighted by the appearance of guest speaker Temple Grandin. She will kick ...

From Client To Coworker: CEO Hires Young Man With Autism He Treated 15 Years Ago >> Autism

6/8/2017 Inside the box were pictures from 15 years ago, when Pallares was a therapist just beginning his career working with children with autism. Among the photos were a few of Pallares with one of his very first clients, a 3-year-old non-verbal boy named ...

School nurses discuss rise in autism cases >> Autism

6/8/2017 Kristin Padilla-Mainor, director of Baylor Center for Development Disabilities, talked about some characteristics of autism spectrum disorder, how it may manifest in a school setting and what a school nurses role might look like, at the School Nurses ...

How A Minneapolis Police Officer Raised 2 Sons Diagnosed With Autism >> Autism

6/8/2017 The event raises money for Fraser - they provide resources for families dealing with autism. We want to take a few minutes and show you just how key those resources are to Metro families.

Single MRI at six months old can predict autism risk at two >> Autism

6/8/2017 It is well known that the earlier a child can be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the more effective treatment can be.

Hope Mills student with autism is now college bound | WNCN >> Autism

6/8/2017 HOPE MILLS, N.C. (WNCN) - A Hope Mills teen with autism who used track and field to overcome adversity looks to use his story to inspire others.

Newsroom : Ontario Transforming Autism Services for Children and ... >> Autism

6/8/2017 The province is transforming the way that children and youth with autism, and their families, receive services and supports through the new Ontario Autism ...

12-Year-Old Boy With Autism Conquers Fears At Kennywood « CBS ... >> Autism

6/8/2017 He is a boy with autism - once afraid of heights, noise and fast-moving things - but he conquered those fears by riding on roller coasters at Kennywood.

Brain Scans May Help Predict Autism in High-Risk Infants >> Autism

6/8/2017 A new kind of brain scan may be able to predict when a baby as young as 6 months old will develop autism, researchers said Wednesday.

Brain's reward region may drive social problems in autism >> Autism

5/17/2017 The findings hint at how excess UBE3A, which is linked to autism, leads to problems with social skills. People with autism may find social interactions less rewarding than their typical peers do. The new work points to a possible mechanism for their ...

Eye contact is aversive for some adults with autism >> Autism

5/17/2017 One clue that a child may have autism is that she does not make eye contact with others. This feature appears in the first six months of life, leading some researchers to consider differences in gaze pattern a potential early marker for autism. One ...

Chuck E. Cheese's Lowers the Lights and Noise Once a Month for Kids With Autism >> Autism

5/17/2017 If you're the parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder, a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant is the last place you'd ever want to go.

Circus-themed prom brings together students with autism spectrum disorder >> Autism

5/17/2017 “They can be themselves and enjoy as themselves,” said Angela Torres, instructional supervisor of the office of autism support.

Elephants for Autism hits home for Egg Harbor City family >> Autism

5/17/2017 Matt's brother has Asperger's syndrome, an autism-spectrum disorder. “It's not the best news, but it's something you need to know at an early age so we can take the right steps with therapy and everything else,” said Podolski, of Egg Harbor City ...

What children from Romanian orphanages can tell us about autism >> Autism

5/17/2017 There are many risk factors for autism, some genetic and others environmental. But few are more intriguing - and disturbing - than psychosocial deprivation in infancy.

This Iowa farm is training men with autism for life >> Autism

5/17/2017 The Homestead farm is governed by a set of distinct ecosystems. Like many other acreages across Iowa, the symbiotic relationships between soil, weather, farmers, seeds and pollinators produce the foods that make up our dinners.

Teen With Autism Makes Teaching Compassion His Eagle Scout Project >> Autism

5/17/2017 ERIE, Colo. (CBS4) - A teenager from Erie has made his Eagle Scout Service Project personal. It is a lesson in understanding and compassion.

Untold stories of adults with autism >> Autism

5/17/2017 Most of the conversation about autism - whether about services or science - concerns children with the condition. But what happens when children with autism grow up? That's the focus of this special report, “Untold stories of adults with autism.” The ...

Children of Smart Fathers Have Higher Risk of Autism >> Autism

5/17/2017 Children whose fathers are highly intelligent are at a 31 percent higher risk of autism than those whose fathers are of average intelligence, according to unpublished results presented today at the 2017 International Meeting for Autism Research in San ...

General practitioners urgently need autism training >> Autism

5/17/2017 But what if you have autism? What if you have trouble communicating verbally and yet the only way to book an appointment is over the phone?

Autism bill supporters have mixed feelings about the Senate's version >> Autism

5/17/2017 HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - After weeks of delays and negotiations, the Alabama State Senate passed the autism insurance mandate bill, by a vote of 33-1.

In Treating Autism, Drugs Often Overshadow Behavior Therapy >> Autism

5/17/2017 Many kids with autism are taking antipsychotics without participating in behavior therapy, new research suggests, despite evidence that medication is most helpful when paired with therapy.

Alabama Senate passes autism insurance mandate >> Autism

5/17/2017 The Alabama Senate has passed a bill to require many insurance plans to cover autism therapy. The Senate passed the bill by a vote of 33-1.

Music therapy at autism center Saturday >> Autism

5/17/2017 Working the Puzzle for Autism, Inc. will be having music therapy at the autism center from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., Saturday, May 20.

URGENT: Search intensifies for missing girl with autism >> Autism

5/17/2017 DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga - A Mattie's Call has been issued for a missing 13-year-old girl with autism in Douglas County. Channel 2's Sophia Choi is talking with investigators for any clues to where she may be, on Channel 2 Action News at 6 p.m.. Officials ...

Golisano Autism Center to be built on South Avenue >> Autism

5/17/2017 Leaders of four local agencies announced Tuesday the vision of a $5 million center in Rochester, which they expect to improve autism services after a very large boost provided by Tom Golisano. Al Sigl Community of Agencies, Autism Up, CP Rochester and ...

Fox News Contributor Apologizes for Comments About Boy With Autism >> Autism

5/17/2017 Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce apologized on air for calling a 10-year-old autistic boy a “snowflake” - a derogatory term used by certain conservatives to describe liberals.

Fox News contributor apologizes for mocking boy with autism as a 'snowflake' >> Autism

5/17/2017 After New York City radio personality Tammy Bruce saw a viral video of a 10-year-old demanding an apology from Vice President Pence for bumping his nose, she appeared on Fox News to put the lighthearted moment into context for viewers.

Alternative screen finds high autism prevalence in U.S. state >> Autism

5/13/2017 Researchers presented the unpublished findings today at the 2017 International Meeting for Autism Research in San Francisco, California.

Alabama Senate leader says autism bill will have its day >> Autism

5/13/2017 A closely watched bill to require many insurance plans to cover autism therapy will be debated in the Alabama Senate next Wednesday, President Pro Tem Del Marsh said today.

Why Do Girls Show Signs of Autism Later Than Boys? >> Autism

5/13/2017 Why do girls seem to develop autism later than boys? And does this affect the way girls are diagnosed and treated for the condition?

Canton High alumna speaks at Asperger/Autism Gala >> Autism

5/13/2017 Canton High alumna speaks at Asperger/Autism Gala. By Guest. Canton resident Kelsey Oates took the stage at The Asperger/Autism Network's annual gala, Coming of Age: Transforming the Future, last month to talk about her experience with Asperger's and ...

Autism therapy centers in South Carolina are closing, services are in jeopardy >> Autism

5/13/2017 Dozens of children with autism in the Columbia area will no longer be able to receive critical therapy services after June 30.

Study: Autism Behaviors Often Unrelated To Speech Difficulties >> Autism

5/13/2017 Angel Bowling, who has autism, works with speech and language pathologist Stacey Fernstrum. New research suggests that speech and language abilities may not play as big a role as some suspected in the frequency of tantrums among those on the ...

Inclusive classes are best option for some children with autism >> Autism

5/13/2017 Children with autism and low cognitive ability show the most improvement in their cognitive skills when placed in classrooms with typical children rather than in autism-only groups. Researchers presented the unpublished results yesterday at the 2017 ...

Bills on autism, child care, prisons pending in Legislature's last week >> Autism

5/13/2017 Families coping with autism, child care centers and state prisons could all be affected by what happens in the Alabama State House next week.

Vote on autism bill planned next week >> Autism

5/13/2017 The Alabama Senate next week is expected to vote on a bill mandating insurance coverage for autistic children and their families.

Doctors twice as likely to miss girls as boys on autism screen >> Autism

5/13/2017 Pediatricians are failing to identify 80 percent of toddlers who need an evaluation for autism, and are missing nearly twice as many girls as boys.

Doctors Weren't Listening To Somali Immigrants' Autism Concerns. Then Anti-Vaxxers Did. >> Autism

5/13/2017 “I felt like there was a lot fear and anxiety surrounding the MMR vaccine,” said Hussein, a special-education teacher with the Minneapolis Public Schools who also serves as the vice president of the local Somali Parents Autism Network and has two sons ...

Treat Autism Even Before Symptoms Show? >> Autism

5/13/2017 About 1 in 68 children in the United States are affected by autism spectrum disorder, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cells that trim brain connections are linked to autism : Nature News ... >> Autism

5/13/2017 A difference in brain biology between the sexes might render males most vulnerable to autism.

Researchers have ditched the autism-vaccine theory. Here's what ... >> Autism

5/13/2017 Of all the issues doctors have explored in children's health, none has been more exhaustively researched than the question of whether vaccines are linked to ...

Missing teen with autism sparks search - Houston Chronicle >> Autism

5/13/2017 Police are searching for a teenager with autism who was last seen at a Walmart store in southwest Houston. Zachaeus Oyeneyin, 17, was last seen today at the ...

Tennis player with autism slices up the competition - >> Autism

5/13/2017 Brittany Tagliareni struggles with simple tasks like tying her shoes. But put a tennis racquet in her hand and she turns into an ace on the court.

The First Actor with Autism to Play Curious Incident's Autistic Lead Speaks Out >> Autism

5/13/2017 Rowe is an actor with autism, and he is the first actor affected by autism to play Christopher, a character with autism. Here, Rowe shares his personal thoughts on this milestone theatre moment. I am so honored to get to play Christopher Francis Boone ...

Bringing the autism advantage to the workplace >> Autism

5/13/2017 Jennifer and Billy Frist have a 16-year-old son who can easily rattle off the capital cities of countries around the world. Or, he can tell them what day of the week their birthday will fall on years from now.

Teaching others about autism >> Autism

4/26/2017 Some first responders are being trained to make sure their interactions with people with autism remain safe. Law enforcement officers at the Harford County Sheriff's Office are getting an important lesson.

ArtPlay class helps kids with autism >> Autism

4/26/2017 The Alliance and autism support organization Family Initiative Inc. started these ArtPlay classes last fall. Kids ages 8-17 visit the Alliance's Edwards Building every Thursday to paint, draw and mold things out of clay - all while working on ...

Music therapy at autism center Saturday | >> Autism

4/26/2017 Working the Puzzle for Autism Inc. will be having music therapy at the Autism Center located at 748 West Main Street from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

13-year-old boy with autism missing in Madison Heights after school ... >> Autism

4/26/2017 Madison Heights police have found a missing 13-year-old with autism who disappeared after getting off the school bus.

Startup Aims to Help Adults with Autism Gain Employment as Coders >> Autism

4/26/2017 Anyone who has been diagnosed with autism is likely to have more experience with unemployment and underemployment than those who aren't on the spectrum.

Health conditions linked to autism >> Autism

4/26/2017 Many children with an autism diagnosis also struggle with other health conditions. New findings focus on how and why they may be linked.

12-Year-Old Girl with Autism Gives School Assembly to Explain How ... >> Autism

4/26/2017 Holly Lewis starred in a documentary about autism, and told her entire school that she suffers from it.

Skills: How those with autism think and act >> Autism

4/26/2017 Did you know that April is autism awareness month? Autism is a word we might hear a lot but might not totally appreciate, and it's easy to understand why.

Marijuana may be a miracle treatment for children with autism >> Autism

4/26/2017 MODI'IN, ISRAEL - When Noa Shulman came home from school, her mother, Yael, sat her down to eat, then spoon-fed her mashed sweet potatoes - mixed with cannabis oil.

People with autism find outlet through IT work program >> Autism

4/26/2017 Brosman says the program works to bring people with high-functioning autism together for I.T. work - a chance they might not otherwise have.

Houston Autism Center is a resource for diagnosed autistic children and adults >> Autism

4/26/2017 According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) autism is prevalent in 1 out of every 68 children in the United States.

Son with autism heartbroken by closure of Blockbuster Video gets own 'store' from dad >> Autism

4/26/2017 MISSION, Texas - One dad came up with the perfect Hollywood ending when his son with autism was heartbroken by the closure of his favorite video store.

10-year-old with autism arrested at Florida school | WDAZ >> Autism

4/26/2017 (CNN)--When John Haygood, a 10-year-old boy with autism, was arrested last week at a school in Florida, he kept repeating that he didn't know what was ...

Racing to support a program for those with autism >> Autism

4/26/2017 The Autos 4 Autism auto show and drag racing event is returning Saturday at the Bonne Terre Drag Strip. Last year's event was postponed one day due to rain, but was still a success in raising money for the “Visions of Hope” training program for young ...

Listeners share theories on why NJ has highest rate of autism >> Autism

4/26/2017 Passions can run high when you ask people who've been affected by autism what causes it. Monday, we discussed on the air a report by our David Matthau on why New Jersey leads the nation in the rate of autism cases. Many people are still skeptical of ...

Loving a child with autism: What I wish I had known earlier >> Autism

4/26/2017 We eventually learned our way around the world of autism, discovering that, while there are similarities among children, ultimately, each case is unique.

Autism Speaks issues special report >> Autism

4/26/2017 NEW YORK (April 26, 2017) - Autism Speaks today issued the first in a series of annual, in-depth reports on special topics in autism. Autism and Health: Advances in Understanding and Treating the Health Conditions that Frequently Accompany Autism ...

Hundreds expected to attend Blue Bridge Walk for Autism ... >> Autism

4/26/2017 GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - The annual Blue Bridge Walk for Autism is expected to draw hundreds of people into Grand Rapids Wednesday night.

'Minibrains' In A Dish Shed A Little Light On Autism And Epilepsy >> Autism

4/26/2017 An experiment using these cell clusters - which are only about the size of the head of a pin - found that a genetic mutation associated with both autism and epilepsy kept developing cells from migrating normally from one cluster of brain cells to ...

'Autism is affecting boys much more than girls' >> Autism

4/18/2017 NAGPUR: "Autism is not curable completely but it can managed up to 70%. But this condition seems to be growing in our society swiftly and it's a matter of great concern," said Dr Kavita Chandak during a talk on 'amazing role of clinical homeopathy in ...

Relating to Julia: New 'Sesame Street' Muppet teaches kids about ... >> Autism

4/18/2017 Spokane experts and families affected by autism react to Julia the Muppet, a character introduced April 10 on “Sesame Street” as a child who has autism.

Coding Autism Teaches People on the Autism Spectrum How to Code >> Autism

4/18/2017 Across the U.S., more and more companies are looking for web developers as well as people who can code. This field of job growth can provide significant opportunities for autistic individuals, Coding Autism, a new training program for people on the ...

Mighty element plays major part in autism >> Autism

4/18/2017 And in a series of studies, we have shown that this plays an underappreciated and not yet fully understood role in autism. We came upon this discovery by taking a novel view of certain genes and proteins implicated in autism. Rapid advances in genome ...

Walking for Autism in Bar Harbor >> Autism

4/18/2017 BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 68 Americans are impacted by autism. One group in Bar Harbor took to the streets to raise awareness about the disorder on Tuesday. A sea of red ...

Research highlights importance of financial literacy to increase autonomy for young adults with autism >> Autism

4/18/2017 More than 3 million people in the United States are estimated to have an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and annual diagnosis rates continue to rise.

Amazon Alexa Can Help People With Autism Do More On Their Own >> Autism

4/18/2017 Last year, in a blog for families affected by autism, one parent, writing under the name AHO Admin, described how he used Amazon Alexa's timer functions, typically used to time cooking or other tasks, to tell his son when a given activity should start ...

Washington Dad Pens Fantasy Adventure About Teen With Autism >> Autism

4/18/2017 He's "on the spectrum" - living with a mild form of autism called Asperger's Syndrome. That's not usually considered a gift - it makes him a magnet for bullies - but through a series of amazing adventures, Joel learns to cast magic spells by ...

Penquis: April is Autism Awareness Month | WABI TV5 >> Autism

4/18/2017 April is Autism Awareness month. Heather Wheaton from Penquis stopped by the TV5 studios to tell us more about it. Autism is a neurological disorder charac.

My Daughter Has Autism But Our Special-Ed System Isn't What She Needs >> Autism

4/18/2017 This year, according to the Centers for Disease Control, one in sixty-eight children will be diagnosed with autism of varying degrees, many before they enter school.

April: World Autism Awareness Month | FOX 61 >> Autism

4/18/2017 Light it up Blue all April for World Autism Awareness Month! Mission of Autism Speaks: Autism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum ...

Autism Acceptance Month: Embracing Autism as an Identity >> Autism

4/18/2017 Many autism advocates are observing Autism Acceptance Month in April rather than Autism Awareness Month, opting to celebrate autism instead of raise ...

Imbalances in neural pathways may contribute to repetitive ... >> Autism

4/18/2017 Researchers have hypothesized that a mutation in the autism risk gene SHANK3 differentially affects synaptic development in two neural pathways that ...

Autism Home Support Services opens therapy center in Northville >> Autism

4/18/2017 NORTHVILLE, MI - Autism Home Support Services has announced the opening of its new autism therapy center in Northville, which offers one-on-one and small group therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder. The new center, located at 43334 W.

Study to explore connection between autism and genetics >> Autism

4/18/2017 Denise Ricco didn't know for sure what was hampering her son's development until his relatively mild form of autism spectrum disorder was diagnosed in the fourth grade. She wondered, how much more effective would therapy have been if she had known ...

Ben Affleck to appear at new autism film festival in Orange >> Autism

4/18/2017 Ben Affleck plays an accountant on the autism spectrum who uncovers internal embezzlement in criminal organizations in the 2016 film “The Accountant.

Juneau County runs for autism >> Autism

4/18/2017 Runners and walkers laced up their shoes for the fifth annual 5k run/walk for Autism at Riverside Park to support Hunter and Nick Delivering Support for Autism (H.A.N.D.S.) in Mauston April 15. “It's a good day for everybody to be together and share ...

New documentary highlights how golf can help autistic children >> Autism

4/18/2017 A new documentary, "Voices from the Outside," highlights how golf can help kids with autism. The documentary profiles three families who are part of the ...

Does Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy Cause Autism? >> Autism

4/18/2017 But some studies have shown that being exposed to antidepressants in utero can contribute to an increase in developmental conditions, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism. To make matters more confusing, other research has ...

Annual walk for autism is April 23 >> Autism

4/12/2017 The Community House is excited to announce its 10th Annual Walk the Walk for Autism on Sunday, April 23. All of the proceeds raised by the Walk will go to support Charlie's Gift Autism Center, a program of The Community House that addresses the needs ...

Autism therapist licensure bill stalls in Senate >> Autism

4/12/2017 AUSTIN - Legislation to require specialists who treat autistic children to be licensed was left pending Tuesday in a Senate committee despite testimony in favor of the of the bill during a public hearing.

Kind busker helps blind girl with severe autism 'play' guitar for the first time >> Autism

4/12/2017 THIS is the heart melting moment a street musician connects with a 7-year-old blind girl with autism. Busker Clifford Woodage had been playing his guitar when a woman approached with her young granddaughter, known only as Lacie, in a wheelchair.

Sex differences among people with autism may be minimal >> Autism

4/12/2017 Autism looks similar in girls and boys, suggest results from a large study of medical records. Girls with the condition score slightly better than boys on some measures of social function and language ability.

Saks Fifth Avenue Palm Beach goes blue for Autism Awareness >> Autism

4/12/2017 Saks Spokeswoman Francine Walker said the Worth Avenue store will be participating in Autism awareness events throughout the month.

Guam community dons blue for Autism Awareness Month >> Autism

4/12/2017 Guam - Autism Awareness Month was kicked off a couple of weeks ago during a “Light It Up Blue” flag raising ceremony hosted by First Lady Christine Calvo and the Autism Community Together of Guam in Adelup. Since then, many have shown their support ...

Davenport blows Bubbles for Autism >> Autism

4/12/2017 April is Autism Awareness Month. The Davenport School Complex has a large autism program, and on April 4, all staff and students, along with many of the students' parents, blew Bubbles for Autism, a regional awareness event organized each year through ...

Hundreds attend conference in Holyoke for autism awareness >> Autism

4/12/2017 HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) - Hundreds of professionals, educators, parents and community members were at the log cabin in Holyoke, Tuesday for the 27th Annual Autism Connections Conference. The conference highlighted ways to help people with autism, ...

Rosario: Autism group misses the mark >> Autism

4/12/2017 backlash because the picture and “#lightitupblue” hashtag are trademarks associated with the group Autism Speaks, a self-proclaimed autism-advocacy organization that has faced major controversy since its conception in 2005 - and for good reason.

Autism 5K returns for second year >> Autism

4/12/2017 After deeming last year's event a “huge success,” organizers are eagerly planning the second annual autism 5K. The Second Annual Autism 5K and 2 Mile Walk will be held April 29 at the Red Bay High School track. Proceeds go to the Autism Society of ...

1 in 3 Teens With Autism Licensed to Drive >> Autism

4/12/2017 "We know that driving can increase mobility and independence for adolescents with ASD [autism spectrum disorder], but little was known about their rates of licensure," said study principal investigator Allison Curry.

First of its kind Autism Nature Trail proposed at Letchworth State Park >> Autism

4/12/2017 CASTILE, N.Y. (WKBW) - April is Autism Awareness Month and a nature trail is being proposed in Letchworth State Park for those on the autism spectrum. The first of its kind, the Autism Nature Trail will be a one and a quarter mile trail just behind the ...

An Autism Advocate Explains How She Helped Sesame Street Create Its New Autistic Muppet >> Autism

4/12/2017 On Monday, Sesame Street introduced its newest Muppet, a redheaded 4-year-old with a fondness for tag and a stuffed bunny, to the world.

Recreation center for kids with autism may become a reality >> Autism

4/12/2017 Her grandson, David Dempsey, 11, is on the autism spectrum, and Bates takes him for outings at least once a week. When the weather's nice, she's able to play outside with him, but she's limited when it comes to bringing him to public areas and when the ...

Quiet Rooms for Autistic Children Popping up at Airports >> Autism

4/12/2017 This March 29, 2017 photo shows Ryan Cunningham in the Sensory Room at Shannon Airport in Shannon, Ireland. Shannon is one of several airports offering quiet rooms for travelers on the autism spectrum. (Diarmuid Greene, True Media/Shannon Airport ...

Is your child showing signs of autism? >> Autism

4/12/2017 Current studies suggest that 1 out of every 68 children have autism spectrum disorder. In the United States from 2006—2008, 1 out of every 6 also showed developmental disabilities.

Early brain enlargement augurs distinct form of autism >> Autism

4/11/2017 In his 1943 paper first describing autism, Leo Kanner noted that 5 of 11 children with the condition “had relatively large heads.

Where to find support for autism - Waynesboro Record Herald >> Autism

4/11/2017 Chances are, you know of someone who has autism. "Everyone likely has a family member or knows someone. There's more people today than ever before with ...

Jackson Autism Support Network to host Around the Park 5K at Cascade Falls Park >> Autism

4/11/2017 JACKSON, MI - The fifth annual Around the Park for Autism 5K run/walk, slated for Saturday, May 13 at Cascade Falls Park, will again seek to support local families affected by autism. Last year, the run, which drew about 700 people, raised more than ...

Speaker promotes autism acceptance in lecture >> Autism

4/11/2017 The stiff fabric from his shirt rubbing uncomfortably on his exposed skin, the itchy lanyard constricting around his neck and the clangorous vent blowing above disrupted his work and triggered his sensory elements.

Explore life of an autistic child during #Autism Month >> Autism

4/11/2017 According to Yogie Padayachee, whose son Tristan was diagnosed with autism at two-years-old, autism warning signs include a child not responding when their name is called; avoiding eye contact; preferring to play alone; no fear of danger ...

Surfs Up For Kids With Autism >> Autism

4/11/2017 MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Surfs up on Miami Beach for a special group of kids this week. They're taking part in the 10th annual Spring Break Surf Camp for Kids with Autism. Monday was the first day of a week-long program where they'll learn how to swim or surf.

Presentation on autism spectrum disorder >> Autism

4/11/2017 As part of Nevada Regional Medical Center's Lunch and Learn series, Friday saw a noontime presentation and panel on autism spectrum disorder, at Healthy Nevada's conference room. “It's no longer considered one thing but is a spectrum, a range of ...

'Sesame Street': Julia, a Muppet with autism, makes first appearance on the show >> Autism

4/11/2017 (ABC) - Julia, a Muppet with autism, made her first appearance on "Sesame Street" Monday and the longstanding children's show posted a 10-minute clip to mark the occasion.

"Coding Autism" Launches to Train Adults with Autism How to Code >> Autism

4/11/2017 LOS ANGELES, April 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Every year, the number of people diagnosed with autism rises, however there are simply not enough quality programs designed towards training adults with autism with real-world career skills. As a result, too ...

'Video Feedback' Might Help Treat Autism in Babies >> Autism

4/11/2017 TUESDAY, April 11, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- A "video feedback" intervention program may help babies at risk of autism, a new British study suggests. "Parents often sense their child is developing differently very early on, yet getting a diagnosis of ...

Why are autism cases exploding, and what can be done? >> Autism

4/11/2017 The goal of Autism Awareness Month, in April, is to raise awareness and spark progress on this daunting issue. Vaks and Samantha Herrick, professor at Rutgers University's School of Health Professions, are the presenters at “Autism Spectrum Disorder ...


4/10/2017 ASHLAND Pathways, Inc. is having an open house on April 27 for its newly expanded autism facilities. The opening of the center is significant because, prior to this expansion, many area families who needed help for their autistic children could only ...

Autism should not separate us >> Autism

4/10/2017 I distinctly remember my first encounter with a child who had autism. I was just a child myself, around the age of 10 years old, taking flute lessons from a dear family friend who was a mother of two.

Autism: The children who find haircuts painful - BBC News >> Autism

4/10/2017 Sitting in a hairdresser's chair may sound simple, but for a child with autism having a haircut can be painful. One barber has developed a unique technique ...

Syracuse Autism team receives award >> Autism

4/10/2017 The Syracuse District Autism Team ( DAT) received the Friends of Autism Team Award at the state Autism Conference in Kearney on March 30.

Baylor, Texas Children's Hospital study people with autism for... >> Autism

4/10/2017 HOUSTON - Lisa Salom gets upset thinking about the struggle her family went through to get her son Michael diagnosed with autism. "In order to change the lives of the next generation so that other parents do not have to endure what we've been through ...

Parent-mediated therapy may help babies at risk of developing autism >> Autism

4/10/2017 The earliest autism intervention study in the world that uses video to provide feedback to parents of babies at family risk of autism, has indicated a reduction in the severity of emerging signs of autism. This study, published today in the Journal of ...

People with autism have the right to support under the NDIS >> Autism

4/10/2017 “If you walk into our home or Max's classroom, you couldn't pick him out as having autism. But then we've funded nearly 10 years of support - from speech and occupational therapy to psychology appointments.

Mother claims son with autism kicked out of Gibbs Gardens >> Autism

4/10/2017 A Canton mom claims she and her son, who is diagnosed with autism, were kicked out of a popular metro Atlanta tourist stop when the boy had a meltdown.

Uncovering Why Autism Is On The Rise In America >> Autism

4/10/2017 Here's something that most reasonable people can agree on: Vaccines don't cause autism. And yet, when your Facebook friends decide that it's time to go on another crusade against BIG PHARMA, one of their main talking points is often the fact that ...

Opinion: Autism families need Texas legislators to stand up for them >> Autism

4/10/2017 LM Otero In this photo made Saturday, April 1, 2017, Clay Heighten, right, and Debra Caudy, left, embrace their autistic 19-year-old son Jon Heighten as they pose for a photo at their home in the Dallas area town of University Park, Texas.

Autism awareness >> Autism

4/10/2017 What is Autism? The Autism Society describes Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as a complex developmental disability, typically appearing during childhood and can affect a person's ability to communicate and interact with others.

Els Center to host international autism conference in Jupiter >> Autism

4/10/2017 Autism refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication.

Conference helps young adults with autism find employment >> Autism

4/10/2017 SALT LAKE CITY -- A conference for young adults with autism discussed ways to get out in the workforce with the help of economists, researchers and business leaders on Monday.

Autism Doesn't Define Robby But Robby Defines His Family >> Autism

4/10/2017 Irmo, SC (WLTX) - The Autism Society says one of every 98 babies born in the United States has autism. For a dedicated mom from the Midlands, she feels lucky to be one of those families.

Alpha Xi Delta raises awareness of autism >> Autism

4/10/2017 According to the Autism Speaks website, autism is a complex brain disorder that inhibits a person's ability to communicate and develop social relationships.

Scientists seek early signs of autism >> Autism

4/10/2017 EXPANDING BRAIN High-risk babies - younger siblings of a child with autism - who will be diagnosed with autism themselves had more rapid growth in parts of their brains than low-risk babies who will not later get an autism diagnosis. Darker colors ...

Tracking Bracelet Helps Family of Man With Autism >> Autism

4/10/2017 A Maryland family has secure doors and windows and an alarm system that goes off when someone exits, but their son still manages to make his way outside.

Sesame Street introduces new character with Autism >> Autism

4/10/2017 The long-running children's television show introduced a new character on Monday. Julia is a 4-year-old girl who can come across as shy, in part because she has Autism. Autism affects one in 68 American children, mostly boys, though more and more girls ...

Children's Hospital recruits for largest autism study in nation >> Autism

4/10/2017 "My son, Jayden, was diagnosed with autism in 2013. Since then, we have been coming to Children's every week,” Aniya Hart said.

Scoop Business » Altogether Autism conference keynote speakers ... >> Autism

3/1/2017 ALTOGETHER AUTISM has announced the first keynote speakers for its 2017 conference on July 19 and 20 in Auckland, which will explore the theme of ...

Autism Speaks aims to raise awareness for upcoming walks in East Hartford and Waterbury >> Autism

3/1/2017 HARTFORD -- April is National Autism Awareness Month and Lauren Amendola, senior director for field development with Autism Speaks, stopped by FOX61's Good Day Connecticut to talk about an event on Thursday. The New England Chapter of Autism ...

Adolescents with autism four times more likely to visit emergency department >> Autism

3/1/2017 HERSHEY, Pa. - Adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) use emergency-department services four times as often as their peers without autism, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers. The findings suggest that youth with autism ...

How inclusion and yoga is helping students with autism in Hanover >> Autism

3/1/2017 HANOVER COUNTY, Va. -- There are six children with autism attending Kersey Creek Elementary School in Hanover. Principal Lisa Thompson made it a priority to create an environment where all of her students could grow academically, functionally, and ...

Parents of autistic children are urging schools to allow controversial communication techniques >> Autism

3/1/2017 In a science class at Lakelands Park Middle School, 13-year-old Mike Keller sat between his professional aide and his science partner during a lesson about how force affects balance.

Autistic Youth Visits To ER More Than Quadrupled--Because They ... >> Autism

3/1/2017 Autistic teens visit the ER four times more often than their peers, largely due to unmet behavioral and mental health needs.

Woman seeks to create autism database for emergencies >> Autism

3/1/2017 BUCKHANNON - Following up on an autism training session for emergency responders held last week, an area woman now wants to create a database of children and adults with autism that can be plugged into the E-911 emergency dispatch system.

Don't Believe The Hype Around Autistic Women Having A Male Brain >> Autism

3/1/2017 A study just published in JAMA Psychiatry has made some waves with its conclusions that women with autism are much more likely than women without autism to have a "male brain." The study findings do not, however, live up to the breathless headlines or ...

Autism and Managing Multi-Tasking and Memory >> Autism

3/1/2017 People who are unfamiliar with the autism spectrum, usually associate autism and memory with savants who have extraordinary recall abilities.

Represent Partners with Ice Cube to Raise Awareness and Funding ... >> Autism

3/1/2017 LOS ANGELES, March 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Represent, a social merchandising and marketing platform that enables influencers to create and sell custom ...

Parents' traits predict autism features in children >> Autism

3/1/2017 Children whose parents have a condition such as autism tend to have severe restricted interests and repetitive behaviors, even if they don't have a diagnosis themselves, according to a new study.

Parents urge support of autism training for law enforcement >> Autism

3/1/2017 JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Parents of children with autism on the First Coast are urging support of a bill that would require autism training for Florida law enforcement. Senate Bill 154 calls for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to create a course ...

Gym for kids with autism opens in Arvada >> Autism

3/1/2017 ARVADA - We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym in Arvada opened its door weeks ago providing kids with autism a place to engage with their peers and develop important skills for breaking through life's barriers.

How music is being used to treat autism >> Autism

3/1/2017 On a Wednesday afternoon at Beaumont hospital in Royal Oak, on the outskirts of Detroit, a blind 25-year-old man with autism plays piano near the hospital entrance. Doctors, patients, nurses and families crowd around Lance Vardon, who is seated at a ...

Researchers seek ways to help novice drivers with autism >> Autism

3/1/2017 The University of Virginia Health System is teaming up with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute to study novice drivers with autism to determine if they ...

Adults with autism overcome childhood language challenges >> Autism

3/1/2017 Studies analyzing electrical activity in the brains of children with autism have shown that they have difficulty sorting out pairs of words that are unrelated -- like "clock" and "frog" -- from those that are related -- like "baby" and "bottle ...

New firm reopening autism school closed after fraud allegations >> Autism

2/28/2017 Lodestone Academy has taken over the lease on the Colonial Drive property that housed the Angels Center for Autism, which closed after its owner and office manager were charged in a Medicaid fraud scheme, forcing the closure of the school.

'There is no other medicine': Texas father breaks law to treat self-harming autistic daughter with marijuana >> Autism

2/28/2017 But she has cerebral palsy and severe autism, which in her case causes compulsive self-injurious behavior that began with she was 4 years old.

Autism diagnosis could arrive earlier with new advances - >> Autism

2/28/2017 It takes years before parents know for sure if their child has autism, but new research shows brain scans could be picking up on signs of autism earlier than ever ...

Evening of Hope Benefits Autism Treatment at Scott Center >> Autism

2/28/2017 Courtenay Porter, Director of External Relations at the Scott Center for Autism Treatment outlines the Evening of Hope and the funding it provides for the Center.

Garbage truck crew throws epic birthday party for boy, 6, with autism ... >> Autism

2/28/2017 A Florida boy had a birthday party he'll remember forever, thanks to a thoughtful crew of garbage collectors who went out of their way to celebrate his special ...

Tangled web of proteins holds clues to autism's complexity >> Autism

2/28/2017 Mutations in hundreds of genes have been linked to autism, thanks to dozens of studies over the past decade. But many families, funders and researchers are wondering why this progress has yet to yield treatments for the condition.

UVA Teaming Up with VTTI to Study Novice Drivers with Autism - NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, Sports and ... >> Autism

2/28/2017 CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Feb. 28, 2017 - The University of Virginia Health System is teaming up with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute to study novice drivers with autism to determine if they would benefit from specialized training to help them ...

In-person — not online — autism training best for police officers | Opinion >> Autism

2/28/2017 The rate of autism continues to climb, and with it concerns for a future of challenges and potential opportunities. Families, such as mine, that include someone on the autism spectrum, worry every day about the future and safety of our loved one. Just ...

UNC researchers use AI to predict autism by comparing baby brain ... >> Autism

2/28/2017 A team of University of North Carolina researchers has developed a way to potentially predict autism in children as young as 6 months old using artificial ...

Autism conference in San Antonio addresses the rising cost of care ... >> Autism

2/28/2017 SAN ANTONIO - On the chopping block in the state legislature are programs to help adults with autism become more independent. For the first time, two national ...

Adolescents with ASD have four-time higher risk of emergency visits than peers without autism >> Autism

2/28/2017 Adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) use emergency department services four times as often as their peers without autism, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers. The findings suggest that youth with autism may need better ...

AL lawmakers push for more insurance coverage for Autism - WBRC ... >> Autism

2/28/2017 State lawmakers are pushing a new law to require insurance companies to offer more coverage for children with autism.

Writing about autism: 'Parents are sick of being asked what special skill their child has' >> Autism

2/28/2017 Almost everyone asked me about autism. It may seem naive but I didn't expect it. Despite having been a father to a non-verbal autistic son for almost 16 years, I had never had an in-depth conversation with anyone about the subject, apart from ...

What experts know—and don't know—about autism and its causes ... >> Autism

2/28/2017 This much we know for certain about autism: it is being diagnosed with more frequency now than ever before. According to figures from the Centers for Disease ...

Over 30 Families Added to Autism Registry At SJPD Event - Story >> Autism

2/27/2017 St. Joseph Police teamed up with the Autism Alliance of Northwest Missouri to give parents of Autistic children the opportunity to inform officers about their ...

Mum's fury after cinema refused to let son into autism-friendly ... >> Autism

2/27/2017 A MUM has blasted a cinema for refusing her son entry to an autism-friendly film screening, because it had filled seats with children without special needs.

Outdoor program improves social outcomes in autism >> Autism

2/27/2017 To determine efficacy of an outdoor adventure program for autism spectrum disorders in children, researchers conducted a controlled study among 51 children enrolled in ASD special education kindergartens.

'Life, Animated' destigmatizes autism through Disney animated films: An interview with director Roger Ross Williams >> Autism

2/27/2017 At the age of 3, Owen Suskind, a bright, smiling, joyful boy, stopped talking and interacting with the world around him. “It was like someone had kidnapped our son,” his father Ron recounts about Owen's autism diagnosis in the newest documentary from ...

Torrington: Bearded Villains hold fundraiser for autism center >> Autism

2/27/2017 TORRINGTON >> The Bearded Villains' New England chapter known as The Saints came out in full force to support FOCUS Center for Autism Fresh Start School, during a fundraiser on Jan. 29 at Chatterly's Banquet Facility. The event raised $6896 for the ...

Research Shows Link Between Herpes and Autistic Infants - PJ Media >> Autism

2/27/2017 New studies reveal that a mother with herpes may give birth to an autistic child.

FactCheck: Has autism prevalence increased? - Tucson Sentinel >> Autism

2/27/2017 President Trump said there has been a “tremendous” increase in autism in U.S. children. There has been a large increase in the reported cases of autism, but ...

Teen with autism meets his heroes on the ice >> Autism

2/27/2017 James Davis is making a big impact in the Boise Parks and Recreation hockey league. He's 14 years old, and ice hockey is his passion.

Autism centre receives accolade >> Autism

2/27/2017 The Autism Early Intervention Centre has been voted Best Autism Treatment and Prevention Centre in the Caribbean by UK-based Global Health and Pharma Magazine (GHP) as part of its 2017 Social Care Awards.

Genetic risk of autism spectrum disorder linked to evolutionary brain benefit >> Autism

2/27/2017 Genetic variants linked to autism spectrum disorders (ASD) may have been positively selected during human evolution because they also contribute to enhanced cognition, a new Yale study suggests.

Autism-centric development deserved to be nixed | The Daily Texan >> Autism

2/27/2017 The Austin Zoning and Planning Commission recently voted against a zoning change that would allow the creation of both a housing development and a ...

Autistic couple find love online and now they can't get enough of ... >> Autism

2/27/2017 This autistic couple who found love online are true relationship goals.

New autism treatment hopes to improve social interaction, Island researchers say >> Autism

2/27/2017 STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Searching for new ways to give individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) a better quality of life, three doctors at Richmond Behavioral Associates are engaged in a clinical trial to see if correcting a hormone imbalance ...

Autism Detected in Young Kids Using Deep Learning Algorithm ... >> Autism

2/27/2017 Early diagnosis of autism will soon be made possible through the use of a deep learning algorithm designed by a team of researchers at the University of North.

Standard Autism Screening Test Online >> Autism

2/27/2017 A standard autism screening test is now available online for children above the age of two on the State Welfare Organization website.

Autism in the brain, region by region | Spectrum >> Autism

2/27/2017 If the brain were a house with many rooms, you wouldn't find autism in just one of them. Autism has many causes and many forms.

UVU testing pilot program to pair students with autism with an aide >> Autism

2/25/2017 Despain, a student with autism in the Passages program at Utah Valley University in Orem, has been matched with Chandler, a neurotypical senior studying behavioral science, as part of a pilot program pairing students with autism with aides to help them ...

Meredith opposes measure which poses threat to recent autism law >> Autism

2/25/2017 OKLAHOMA CITY - It took at least four attempts in eight years before the state Legislature required insurance carriers - in a law that went into effect Nov. 1, 2016 - to provide coverage for autistic disorders. The victory may be short-lived, state Rep.

Volunteers with 'Els for Autism' pitch in to help at The Honda Classic >> Autism

2/25/2017 PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - When there's a break in the action, you can expect to find Michael Fortes and his friends working behind the scenes.

Australia Reverses Its Decision To Deport Teen With Autism >> Autism

2/25/2017 Australia's immigration department has overturned a “heartless” decision that left a Sydney teen who has autism facing imminent deportation.

Autism Registry Event to be Held at East Hills >> Autism

2/25/2017 St. Joseph Police are teaming up with the Autism Alliance of Northwest Missouri this weekend to give parents of autistic children an opportunity to inform officers about their children's needs. An Autism Registry event will be held at East Hills ...

FSU Museum showcases work by artists with autism >> Autism

2/25/2017 Tallahassee, Fla. (WCTV) -- The FSU Museum of Fine Arts is showcasing work by artists with autism. This is the third installment of the, "Artists and Autism" exhibition, titled "Honest Visions.” The exhibit is put on by the Center for Autism and ...

Company Peddling Unproven Autism Treatments Forced To Close >> Autism

2/25/2017 The move comes after the FDA found that the company improperly manufactured and distributed drugs and dietary supplements and marketed products claiming that they could treat everything from autism to epilepsy, brain injury, bipolar disorder and cancer ...

President Trump, You Need A Lesson In Autism – Here It Is >> Autism

2/25/2017 Knowing the true number of people with autism is so fraught with difficulty that any bold statements about prevalence should be treated with caution.

Artificial intelligence used to detect very early signs of autism in infants >> Autism

2/25/2017 It's difficult to diagnose infants with autism due to trouble determining whether any behavioral traits common to autism are present. This difficulty is most pronounced before the age of two, and especially before the age of one, resulting in delayed ...

Artificial Intelligence Detects Early Signs of Autism in Infants >> Autism

2/25/2017 By using artificial intelligence to decipher brain scans, researchers were able to predict with startling accuracy which high-risk infants ended up developing autism by age two. Detecting autism before age two has been notoriously difficult, in part ...

Herpes Linked to Autism, Research Suggests >> Autism

2/25/2017 Today one in 42 boys is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Girls are less likely to recieve the diagnosis. Scientists don't know what causes it, but new research points to a specific virus that becomes active in the mother during a certain time ...

Young visual artists with autism nominated for Oscar for 'Doctor Strange' >> Autism

2/25/2017 Iron-clad concentration and an aptitude for learning new technology -- this is how some movie executives describe young visual artists Jacob Fenster and Noah Schneider, who have autism and now work at Exceptional Minds Studios in Sherman Oaks.

State legislature considering autism treatment bills >> Autism

2/25/2017 TAYLOR, Ala. (AP) - Jesse and Misty Bradley are doing what good parents do - the best they can for their child. The Bradleys' son Logan, 4, has autism and needs behavioral treatment to help him better adjust to the world around him. The most effective ...

Road to Victory fundraiser on March 11 for Northeast Miami-Dade autism center >> Autism

2/24/2017 Rhonda Hill is busy planning the 17th annual Road to Victory gala to benefit students with autism and developmental disabilities.

Autism spectrum disorder: what is it, what are the causes and how is ... >> Autism

2/24/2017 ASD affects roughly 700000 people in the UK. What is autism spectrum disorder and why are new diagnostic techniques so important?

Autism a challenge for local families >> Autism

2/24/2017 The Stewart bunch - Walter Stewart, 3, on Mom's lap, is rarely seen without his hat, which his mother said is “his security blanket.

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