Woman with ADHD Has Powerful Message for the Mom Who - Babble >> ADHD

6/8/2017 Are you a parent who has struggled with the decision to give your child medication for ADHD? I am and it's a hard decision to make.

Adult ADHD Can't Be Diagnosed With A Simple Screening Test, Doctors Warn >> ADHD

6/8/2017 Dr. David Goodman, an ADHD specialist at Johns Hopkins University and the Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Center of Maryland, agrees that not everyone who experiences the symptoms of ADHD necessarily suffers from the disorder, and that a simple ...

Is the latest fidget craze really an effective ADHD treatment? | Health24 >> ADHD

6/8/2017 Fidget spinners are the latest craze to hit the market but experts say they probably won't help you if you have ADHD.

FDA approves first generic Strattera for the treatment of ADHD >> ADHD

6/8/2017 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the first generic versions of Strattera (atomoxetine) to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in pediatric and adult patients. Apotex Inc., Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc., Aurobindo ...

Are We Overdiagnosing and Overtreating ADHD? >> ADHD

6/8/2017 While the existence of ADHD continues to be debated in some circles, descriptions of the syndrome date back to the 18th century and its treatment to a report by Charles Bradley in 1935.

Swiss biotech NLS touts positive ADHD data, plots late-stage tests >> ADHD

6/8/2017 NLS Pharma has posted some positive data for its ADHD candidate mazindol CR, which it hopes will have better luck than it did for obesity and narcolepsy after it was pulled off the market.

What it's like to live with ADHD so severe it feels like 'brain fog' >> ADHD

6/8/2017 "If you hand me a big text and tell me to read it all, I most likely just flat-out won't do it," my sister said. It's not that she doesn't want to.

HLD200 improves functioning in children with ADHD >> ADHD

6/8/2017 “We know a child's ADHD has an impact on the entire family unit, with parents experiencing much of the burden associated with their child's inability to complete routine tasks during the morning and evening routine like brushing teeth, getting dressed ...

WATCH: Yo-yo helps ease ADHD for this NJ teen >> ADHD

6/8/2017 ALLENTOWN - "Yo-yoing is definitely a therapy," says 19-year-old Allentown native Nick Frisbie. Using what is usually considered a childhood pastime, he is not only making a living but also coping with his ADHD and autism. "It's a way for me to get ...

How medical marijuana can help those with ADD and ADHD focus >> ADHD

6/8/2017 Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) is a chronic condition that affects over three million people per year.

Minority children on Medicaid less likely to continue ADHD treatment >> ADHD

6/8/2017 “Pharmacotherapy - especially stimulant medication - is effective at reducing core ADHD symptoms, and it is received by more than nine-tenths of youth with an ADHD–related health care visit,” Janet R. Cummings, PhD, associate professor in the ...

I Will No Longer Apologize For My Son's ADHD >> ADHD

6/8/2017 When my son was in kindergarten, his class came equipped with stability balls. They were used as a way to help the kids do their best work while getting the wiggles out.

The tricky business of diagnosing adult ADHD >> ADHD

6/8/2017 So, Dr. Jon Hallberg, MPR News' regular medical analyst, has a policy for adults who come into his clinic and think they have ADHD. First, his clinic refers them to a psychologist to undergo comprehensive testing. Then they can talk treatment if necessary.

Do antidepressants in pregnancy raise kids' ADHD risk? >> ADHD

6/8/2017 (Reuters Health) - Women with depression may be more likely than other mothers to have children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) even if they don't take antidepressants during pregnancy, a recent study suggests. The results indicate ...

Antidepressant Use In Pregnancy & Childhood ADHD Aren't Clearly ... >> ADHD

6/8/2017 A new study published this week in The BMJ (formerly known as the British Medical Journal) is raising questions on the possible link between use of ...

Dr. Art Mollen: Is medication necessary for children with ADHD? >> ADHD

6/8/2017 ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a condition which includes a lot of different symptoms including hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattentiveness ...

UB researchers explore potential side effects of stimulant drug on people without ADHD >> ADHD

5/17/2017 New research from the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions that explored the potential side effects of the stimulant drug Ritalin on those without ADHD showed changes in brain chemistry associated with risk-taking behavior, sleep ...

Five Ways for Moms to Grab Some Me-Time >> ADHD

5/17/2017 My mother said that raising a daughter with ADHD was like feeding wolves: She constantly had to throw me more information to chew on.

Living with Children: ADHD column drew opposing responses >> ADHD

5/17/2017 I fully expected my recent column on ADHD - in which I expanded upon noted Harvard psychologist (emeritus) Jerome Kagan's contention that it is an “invention” - to stir the pot.

Harvard Psychologist Says ADHD Doesn't Exist, Local >> ADHD

5/17/2017 SPRINGDALE, Ark. - - A world-renowned Psychologist and Professor at Harvard University claims A.D.H.D. is an "invention..." and doesn't actually exist. We spoke to one therapist in Northwest Arkansas disagrees with that claim, but does believe it is ...

John Rosemond: ADHD column drew opposing responses >> ADHD

5/17/2017 I fully expected my recent column on ADHD - in which I expanded upon noted Harvard psychologist (emeritus) Jerome Kagan's contention that it is an “invention” - to stir the pot.

Morning Rounds: Adult ADHD >> ADHD

5/17/2017 CHAMPAIGN,Ill - Doctor Nathan Walker joins the Morning Show as he makes his Morning Rounds and is discussing adult ADHD. ADHD symptoms include trouble focusing, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior. Adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder ...

What It's Like to Have ADHD As an Adult >> ADHD

5/17/2017 This is not depression, but adult ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactive disorder). It suddenly swoops at me from time to time and forces me to stop, take stock, and swallow, once, twice, and maybe a third time.

ADHD column drew opposing responses | Close To Home ... >> ADHD

5/17/2017 I fully expected my recent column on ADHD - in which I expanded upon noted Harvard psychologist (emeritus) Jerome Kagan's contention that it is an ...

reVIVE is a VR solution for diagnosing ADHD built by high school students >> ADHD

5/17/2017 The first team to go onstage at the Disrupt NY 2017 Hackathon showed off reVIVE, a virtual reality solution for diagnosing ADHD. The team of three high school juniors wanted to create a solution that would simplify the lengthy and expensive process of ...

Do Fidget Spinners Help Anxiety and ADHD? Experts Are Skeptical >> ADHD

5/17/2017 You probably know what a fidget spinner is by now. If you have a child old enough to sling a yo-yo, pound a fist into some GAK or build up a collection of POGs, you definitely do.

Athletes with ADHD more likely to choose team sports, could ... >> ADHD

5/17/2017 Athletes with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more likely to compete in team contact sports than individual sports, which could increase their ...

ADHD Meds Reduce the Risk for Car Crashes >> ADHD

5/17/2017 The results reflected positively on ADHD medications. Males with ADHD were 38 percent less likely to experience a car crash during the periods they were taking medication, and women fared even better - females with ADHD were 42 percent less likely to ...

How a CEO With Dyslexia and ADHD Runs His Company >> ADHD

5/17/2017 Leading a company without using email, reading memos or going to endless meetings sounds like a pipe dream. But it's a reality for Selim Bassoul, chief executive and chairman of Middleby Corp.

Whirring, Purring Fidget Spinners Provide Entertainment, Not ADHD Help >> ADHD

5/17/2017 Fidget spinners - the trendy toy of the moment - are causing a commotion. A lot of kids love them, just as many teachers hate them and some people think they're more than just toys.

Meta-Analysis: Can Neurofeedback Effectively Treat ADHD? >> ADHD

5/13/2017 Many ADHD brains generate an abundance of low-frequency delta or theta brain waves, and a shortage of high-frequency beta brain waves.

Dyslexia and ADHD are over-diagnosed crypto-pathologies - Tes >> ADHD

5/13/2017 Writing for Tes today, Tom Bennett likened these conditions to delusional parasitosis, in which sufferers feel as though their skin is infested with tiny, invisible ...

"The Curse of Good Behavior and Stellar Grades" >> ADHD

5/13/2017 “I just don't think he has ADHD,” his pediatrician told us. Laurie and I walked out of the doctor's office frustrated.

ADHD drug use rises by a third >> ADHD

5/13/2017 Ritalin and Rubifen - two of the most common drugs used by those with ADHD. Photo/File. Prescriptions of ADHD medication are on track to have increased by more than 50 per cent in four years in Hawke's Bay.

Miss USA Contestant Champions Children with ADHD and Dyslexia >> ADHD

5/13/2017 A young woman with ADHD and dyslexia is changing the face of the Miss USA pageant - and perhaps, she hopes, inspiring a generation of children with learning challenges to hold strong to their unique strengths and passions.

Can Fidget Spinners Help Kids With ADHD Focus? >> ADHD

5/13/2017 "There are things we know really help kids with ADHD, being outside, green space, working on diet, removing sugar, being on medication, going to therapy there are things that can help," she said.

John Rosemond: More thoughts offered on ADHD not being a reality >> ADHD

5/13/2017 I fully expected my recent column on ADHD - in which I expanded upon noted Harvard psychologist (emeritus) Jerome Kagan's contention that it is an “invention” - to stir the pot.

Here are the 6 questions that can reveal whether you have adult ADHD >> ADHD

5/13/2017 Adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is far more common that previously thought, according to a recent study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry - though it's often undiagnosed.

Behind the label: ADHD over 30 years >> ADHD

5/13/2017 ADHD is now defined as a pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that negatively impacts childhood development or functioning in multiple domains.

Rosemond: Recent ADHD column stirs up familiar responses >> ADHD

5/13/2017 I fully expected my recent column on ADHD - in which I expanded upon noted Harvard psychologist Jerome Kagan's contention that it is an “invention” - to stir the pot.

Can Playing With Cell Phones Give Your Kids ADD Or ADHD? There's No Easy Answer >> ADHD

5/13/2017 All parents have done it. Maybe you need a free minute at the bank or the grocery store or Target. Maybe you need both hands to get a start on dinner.

ADHD study says medication could help slash number of car ... - KIRO >> ADHD

5/13/2017 A new study shows medication could play a big role in slashing the number of car accidents on the road.

Study: Athletes with ADHD more likely to play team sports, adding increased injury risk >> ADHD

5/13/2017 “We expected a lot of athletes with ADHD to gravitate toward individual sports, where they have more control, there is a little bit more repetitiveness and they don't have to worry about the responsibilities or roles of teammates or opponents.

ADHD column drew opposing responses - Columbia Daily Tribune >> ADHD

5/13/2017 I fully expected my recent column on ADHD - in which I expanded upon noted Harvard psychologist (emeritus) Jerome Kagan's contention that it is an ...

Do Fidget Spinners Really Help With ADHD? Nope, Experts Say >> ADHD

5/13/2017 They're touted as handheld, bring-anywhere gadgets that can eliminate anxiety and even help focus kids and adults with ADHD. But it turns out fidget spinners, the new toy so popular stores are selling out of them and teachers are banning them from ...

Is the fidget spinner an attention helper or just a toy? >> ADHD

5/13/2017 While the toy could be helpful to some of the 6.4 million children in the U.S. diagnosed with ADHD, it's not a proven treatment and shouldn't be given a free pass in the classroom, Schweitzer said.

For people with ADHD, taking meds may help reduce car crashes >> ADHD

5/13/2017 If you have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a new study suggests you would be wise to take your medication if you want to lower your chances of getting into a car accident.

Athletes With ADHD Favor Team Competition | Health Care | US News >> ADHD

5/13/2017 FRIDAY, May 12, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Athletes with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are more apt to play team sports than individual sports, ...

ADHD treatment tied to lower car crash risk - The Washington Post >> ADHD

5/13/2017 People with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are at increased risk of motor-vehicle accidents, but it is significantly reduced when they are taking ADHD ...

"I Grew Up Lost in a Fog" >> ADHD

4/26/2017 I have no idea, since I'm lost in a fog. “Are you retarded or something?” the teacher asks, and the classroom roars with laughter.

Which Fidget Toys Are Best For Kids With ADHD? Here Are Your Options >> ADHD

4/26/2017 Being a parent of a child with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be overwhelming in a lot of ways. There are accommodations to consider, appointments to juggle, and of course, wrestling with the emotions that often accompany parenting ...

Aevi Genomic Medicine IDs Best Responder Subset For ADHD Drug >> ADHD

4/26/2017 At the World Congress on ADHD in Vancouver today, researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Aevi presented post hoc analysis of the so-called SAGA trial, which had previously failed to meet its primary endpoint, and reported that mutations in nine ...

These are the signs you may have adult ADHD >> ADHD

4/26/2017 The World Health Organisation (WHO) has developed six questions which can help diagnose Adult Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Vyvanse Introduces Chewable Formulation >> ADHD

4/26/2017 The makers of Vyvanse, a well-known central nervous system (CNS) stimulant used to treat ADHD in adults and children 6 years of age or older, have released a new chewable formulation - providing a new treatment option for patients who struggle to ...

Antidepressants in Pregnancy: No Link to Autism, ADHD >> ADHD

4/26/2017 Use of antidepressants before and during pregnancy does not cause autism, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) new research shows. Three studies demonstrate that antidepressant use in pregnant women is likely not responsible for autistic ...

Sweden gives Muslim migrant who raped 14-year-old girl a pass because he has ADHD >> ADHD

4/26/2017 Despite being found guilty, Sweden has nullified the prison sentence for a Muslim migrant who raped a 14-year-old girl because he has ADHD. According to a report, an appeals court in Western Sweden acquitted an Iraqi migrant of his conviction because ...

The Innovating, Creative Superpowers of ADHD >> ADHD

4/26/2017 ADHD hasn't held back self-employed creative Pauline Campos, either. An artist with an Etsy storefront and freelance writer from Michigan, Campos often proclaims that ADHD is her superpower. Being easily distracted is her running punchline, she ...

Brief Screening Tool for Adult ADHD Released >> ADHD

4/26/2017 Researchers have developed a brief scale to screen for adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) using Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) criteria.

ADHD and Self-Compassion >> ADHD

4/26/2017 It's been a terribly busy time at work for your best friend. You get a call, panicked, that it's her husband's birthday and she not only forgot to pick up the gift, she never made a dinner reservation.

About a Boy (and Teen) with ADHD >> ADHD

4/26/2017 Miles is taller than I am now, but in his 14-year-old body, there's still a wildly curious little boy. This duality is not unique to teenagers with ADHD - there's a kid inside of everyone. But the excitement of ADHD, when triggered by something that ...

Boys and Girls with ADHD: Cerebellum Size Matters >> ADHD

4/26/2017 Every child with ADHD is different, but experts agree that certain symptoms tend to fall along gender lines. Boys with ADHD are more hyperactive and impulsive, while girls with ADHD often demonstrate more inattentive symptoms. It's long been debated ...

Could My Child's ADHD Symptoms Follow Him or Her Into Adulthood? >> ADHD

4/26/2017 If your child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it's likely he or she will also have the disorder as an adult. For example, a study published in the 2016 Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry noted that of the 579 children with ADHD ...

Horizon: ADHD and Me With Rory Bremner review – self-exploration with impressions >> ADHD

4/26/2017 Rory Bremner suspects he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He has made a film to learn more about it and find out whether he's got it, called Horizon: ADHD and Me With Rory Bremner (BBC2). “It's like having a brain like a pinball ...

How do I know if I have ADHD as an adult? >> ADHD

4/26/2017 Some adults may question whether they have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or wonder if their ADHD-like behaviors - inattention, hyperactive-impulsivity or a combination of the two - are simply a product of the overwhelming, hurried demands of ...

Health Buzz: Do Fidget Spinners Help With ADHD? >> ADHD

4/26/2017 WTOP reports that some fidget spinners - small top-like gadgets you can spin fast with your fingers, meant to help children focus - are advertised as stress relievers on Amazon, and are even being touted as "perfect for ADD, ADHD, anxiety and autism.".

Free Expert Overview of Common ADHD Diagnosis Mistakes >> ADHD

4/18/2017 These stories illustrate the mistakes that can be made by doctors evaluating patients with ADHD-like symptoms. From the author, Dr.

Free Webinar Replay: It's About Time: Understanding the Science of Time Management with ADHD >> ADHD

4/18/2017 Most people with ADHD struggle to manage their time and to do the right things at the right times. Why are procrastination, time blindness, and tardiness such big problems?

“He Spent Most of Preschool Sitting in a Tree.” >> ADHD

4/18/2017 Harry's struggle with ADHD became pronounced in middle school. By this time, we'd moved, and we also had a five-year-old daughter, Coco, who was eventually diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. From seventh grade on, Harry had no focus except for ...

NLS Pharma Announces Completion of Phase 2 Study for NLS-1, Its Lead ADHD Compound; New Investors, >> ADHD

4/18/2017 Completion of the Phase 2 study NLS-1001, a double-blind Placebo-Controlled Study to Determine the Efficacy, Safety, Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics of a Controlled Release (CR) Formulation of NLS-1 (mazindol) in Adults with DSM-5 ADHD. NLS-1 is a ...

Is ADHD Being Oversold in America? >> ADHD

4/18/2017 Dr. Daniel F. Connor, a psychiatry professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine in Farmington, hit on the varying schools of thought around ADHD in a 2011 article, writing that although scientific evidence of ADHD exists, "the general ...

End the 'I Can't Sleep' Cycle of Exhaustion >> ADHD

4/18/2017 Kids with ADHD are four times less likely to fall asleep quickly and stay in bed all night. Why? Many of the same regions of the brain regulate both attention and sleep.

Productivity Tips Just for Adults with ADHD >> ADHD

4/18/2017 Let's face it, people with ADHD aren't always the most productive bunch. Planning ahead is pretty much our kryptonite.

Living with Children: The ADHD debate continues >> ADHD

4/18/2017 Cancer, high cholesterol, influenza, measles and a broken bone are realities. Using various tests, physicians can prove their existence.

Montreal conference aims to help parents of children with ADHD >> ADHD

4/18/2017 WATCH ABOVE: Family life educators Linda Aber and Pam Wener join Global's Laura Casella to talk about strategies and tools for parents with children who have ADHD-related learning disabilities.

Researchers disentangle relationship between autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, and ADHD in children >> ADHD

4/18/2017 "Due to the fact that anxiety and ADHD have been found to occur at higher rates in individuals with ASD, it is important to note how these clinical symptoms may influence social deficits," said Reina Factor, of Los Angeles, California, a doctoral ...

This questionnaire helps diagnose adults with ADHD >> ADHD

4/18/2017 In the closing moments of the Boston Marathon, a moment captured at the finish line is capturing the hearts of many. Advertisement.

[Self-Test] The ADHD Test for Women and Girls >> ADHD

4/18/2017 Too many women grew up being called lazy, spacey, or dumb because their symptoms of ADHD were ignored or mislabeled as hormones or anxiety.

Treating A Child's ADHD With Medication >> ADHD

4/18/2017 Children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are often prescribed stimulant medications to help manage the condition.

Selling Adult ADHD: NPR coverage helps advance drug industry marketing campaign >> ADHD

4/18/2017 This NPR story reports on a short screening scale or test for adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity (ADHD) disorder as published in JAMA Psychiatry.

Finding your ADHD and Asperger's super power >> ADHD

4/18/2017 Alina Kislenko is turning her 2017 YMCA-YWCA of Guelph Women of Distinction honour into a platform for bringing greater awareness to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Asperger's. She lives with both conditions. Kislenko runs the ADHD ...

Autism, ADHD risk not linked to prenatal exposure to antidepressants >> ADHD

4/18/2017 Previous studies indicated that the use of antidepressants came with its own developmental risks: autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, premature birth and poor fetal growth. “The key question is whether those risks are due to the actual medication,” says ...

Do ADHD drugs improve student test scores? >> ADHD

4/18/2017 HARTFORD - Students around the country have taken drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) without a prescription to improve their test taking ability around SAT, ACT, or college exam time.

These six questions can help identify adults with ADHD >> ADHD

4/12/2017 If you tend to procrastinate, tune out half way through conversations, interrupt others and can't stop yourself from blurting out the inappropriate, you might have adult ADHD. Adult Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is "common", according ...

More brain differences seen between girls, boys with ADHD >> ADHD

4/12/2017 Girls ages 8 to 12 with ADHD showed differences in the volume of various regions of their cerebellum compared with girls without the condition, MRI scans revealed.

Mailbag: Article wrong about ADHD (April 9) >> ADHD

4/12/2017 As someone who has suffered with this malady since I can remember, let me tell you ADHD exists! I had issues all through school.

Is ADHD real? The debate continues >> ADHD

4/11/2017 In 2009, pediatrician and former medical school professor Bose Ravenel and I published “The Diseasing of America's Children” (Thomas Nelson), in which we argued from facts that ADHD and other childhood behavior disorders were inventions of the ...

ADHD in Women Often Misdiagnosed >> ADHD

4/11/2017 Tired of apologizing “because I was always forgetting things,” the mother of three decided to get evaluated after her son was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, several years ago. Sure enough, she had it, too. “If someone ...

The Locally Created iGotThis App For Kids With ADHD >> ADHD

4/10/2017 Richard Schramm says it's no wonder that children diagnosed with ADHD are more likely to have low self-esteem. He's the founder of iGotThis, an app that helps kids with ADHD stay focused and motivated. The app is currently being beta tested. Richard ...

Study links ADHD to five brain areas >> ADHD

4/10/2017 Such behaviors may point to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. At least 7 in every 100 children may have this condition.

John Rosemond: The 'invention' of ADHD >> ADHD

4/10/2017 In 2009, pediatrician and former medical school professor Bose Ravenel and I published “The Diseasing of America's Children” (Thomas Nelson), in which we argued from facts that ADHD and other childhood behavior disorders were inventions of the ...

Ohio parent creates app to help children with ADHD >> ADHD

4/10/2017 It may be just what parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, have been looking for: an application or app to help get things done.

Students talk to Students: ADHD >> ADHD

4/10/2017 But through a combination of hard work, medication and therapy, Katherine has been able to find effective ways of dealing with ADHD since she was diagnosed in elementary school. “My parents saw symptoms like forgetfulness and lack of focus. My grades ...

Living with Children: The ADHD debate continues | Opinion ... >> ADHD

4/10/2017 In 2009, pediatrician and former medical school professor Bose Ravenel and I published "The Diseasing of America's Children" (Thomas Nelson), in which we ...

Can Acupuncture and Neurofeedback Improve ADHD Symptoms? >> ADHD

4/10/2017 This is neurofeedback, the brain-training therapy being used to treat a variety of disorders, including ADHD and the anxiety and depression that often accompany it.

Latest MTA Results: Putting ADHD Treatment Data in Context >> ADHD

4/10/2017 When last month's MTA follow-up study suggested that stimulant medications don't help reduce ADHD symptoms in the long run, parents and adults diagnosed with the disorder were unsettled.

College freshmen struggle to manage ADHD >> ADHD

4/10/2017 Students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were unprepared to manage their condition independently when they went away to college, and their grades suffered as a result, a study of freshmen at a large public university revealed ...

20 Things Parents Wish People Knew About ADHD >> ADHD

4/10/2017 “The hardest thing about ADHD is that it's 'invisible' to outsiders. It's not like other conditions that people can clearly see.

A Video Game May Help Children With ADD >> ADHD

4/10/2017 SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) - From the time Stella Schwartz entered kindergarten, life at school and occasionally at home could be a challenge.

Why ADHD can be a valuable bonus for entrepreneurs - EconoTimes >> ADHD

4/10/2017 Entrepreneurship is about moving forwards. It involves branching out, a search for the new, starting a journey in which the destination is unknown.

What We've Learned About ADHD >> ADHD

4/10/2017 ADHD looks like a problem with willpower, but it really isn't. It's a problem with the dynamics of the chemistry of the brain.

UCSF study: Special video game may help reduce ADHD >> ADHD

4/10/2017 The researchers determined that 20 of the 38 children with the dysfunction also suffered from ADHD, according to their parents.

Six Questions Help Predict Adult ADHD : Shots - Health News : NPR >> ADHD

4/10/2017 Six questions like "How often do you procrastinate?" can help doctors identify adults with ADHD, researchers say. They estimate that the disorder impairs daily ...

CPS Seizes 7-Year-Old After Parents Dispute ADHD Diagnosis >> ADHD

4/10/2017 “The school thinks he is ADHD, we as parents disagree,” the Maples explained. “We believe that it stems mostly from boredom and not being challenged in the classroom.

The debate over ADHD continues >> ADHD

4/10/2017 In 2009, pediatrician and former medical school professor Bose Ravenel and I published “The Diseasing of America's Children” (Thomas Nelson), in which we argued from facts that ADHD and other childhood behavior disorders were inventions of the ...

Patient Voices: ADHD >> ADHD

4/10/2017 About 6.4 million children in the United States have been given diagnoses of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (A.D.H.D.). But the condition - characterized by impulsiveness and difficulty sitting still and paying attention - is also being ...

John Rosemond: ADHD simply does not exist | Family ... >> ADHD

4/10/2017 In 2009, pediatrician and former medical school professor Bose Ravenel and I published “The Diseasing of America's Children” (Thomas Nelson), in which we ...

The Brain on Omega-3s: Managing ADHD through Nutrition >> ADHD

3/1/2017 Recent research suggests complex lipid imbalances may be an underlying biological component of ADHD. Here's how to fix it. ADHD symptoms, diagnosis, and ...

Imaging Study Confirms Brain Differences in People With ADHD >> ADHD

2/28/2017 WEDNESDAY, Feb. 15, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Researchers who pinpointed brain differences in people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) say their findings show the condition should be considered a brain disorder. The international ...

Parents United to present on ADHD March 8 >> ADHD

2/28/2017 Parents United will present “ADHD Interventions for Home and School” by guest lecturer Dr. Patric Mattek of Performance Enhancement in Franklin, 9 a.m.

Moms of ADHD Kids Need to See Their Lives Reflected in the Books They Read >> ADHD

2/28/2017 When I started writing essays about raising a child with ADHD, the flood of emails from parents struggling with their own ADHD kids caught me off guard. It affirmed for me one very important lesson: Parents of ADHD kids are having a very different ...

Maybe He Doesn't Have ADHD. Maybe Your Curriculum Just Isn't Good Enough. >> ADHD

2/28/2017 If Pravin was in public school today his parents would most likely be advised to medicate him for ADHD by the time he was in first grade.

ADHD may affect brain size, study says >> ADHD

2/28/2017 (CNN) - During their efforts to make ADHD more manageable, researchers have discovered a link between the attention disorder and brain size.

A Genetic Lead in ADHD >> ADHD

2/28/2017 Researchers from the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, have further characterized a genetic risk for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Their study focused on gene variants within a previously characterized ...

Focus MD Beginnings - ADHD Clinic >> ADHD

2/27/2017 Focus MD was started by Dr. Wiley to help people gain a better understanding of ADHD. Dr. Wiley was a practicing pediatrician for over 20 years, but now sees a need for parents and children living with ADHD. Focus MD has a specific approach to ...

New behavioral therapy to support Japanese mothers of children with ADHD >> ADHD

2/27/2017 International guidelines for the management of ADHD in children recommend approved medications and/or behavioral therapy. Compared with many western countries, Japan has fewer pharmacological and behavioral options.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Bulimia nervosa, ADHD ... >> ADHD

2/27/2017 February 26 - March 4 is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and in recognition, we've gathered some of Bel Marra Health's most informative articles ...

7 Highly Effective Habits Of 'Successful' People With ADHD >> ADHD

2/27/2017 As someone who has struggled with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or (ADHD), you may have felt anxious, fidgety, and unfocused at times.

“How I'm Recovering from ADHD-Induced Mom Guilt” >> ADHD

2/25/2017 Never in my plans for the future did I envision my firstborn having ADHD. I assure you that I could have never predicted how effective the disorder was at thwarting life's happy moments and milestones.

People With ADHD Have Different Brains | The Huffington Post >> ADHD

2/25/2017 Certain brain structures related to emotion and reward are smaller in people with the disorder, new research finds.

Free Webinar Replay: Beyond Hello: Building Conversation Skills in Children with ADHD >> ADHD

2/24/2017 Some students with ADHD struggle to keep track of information, ask relevant questions, and indicate their continued interest.

Renowned Harvard Psychologist Says ADHD is Largely a Fraud >> ADHD

2/24/2017 Now, everyone and her or his cousin has “ADHD” and must be given a stimulant to “treat” it. You break the law when you go out on the street corner and buy speed from a drug dealer but it's perfectly fine to go to a psychiatrist and get the same thing ...

LSSD plans ADD/ADHD workshop >> ADHD

2/24/2017 Lebanon Special School District will host a free workshop focused on ADD/ADHD on Monday, March 6, from 6 until 8:30 p.m. in the Castle Heights Elementary School Library, located at 1007 Castle Heights Avenue North.

Barkley to share research on ADHD, teen drivers in March >> ADHD

2/24/2017 “Since our agency's mission is to help children with learning differences and encourage their families, we wanted to bring Dr.

Large Imaging Study Shows Structural Brain Differences in People with ADHD >> ADHD

2/24/2017 MRIs of more than 3,000 people provide further evidence that people with ADHD have structurally different brains than people without the condition, according to a new report funded by the National Institute of Health.

Romanian Orphans Still Experience Challenges Years Later >> ADHD

2/23/2017 Sonuga-Barke said that children who were in the orphanages for longer than six months were seven times more likely to have ADHD when compared to children adopted in Britain. Of the 107 Romanians included in the latest assessment, 25 had ADHD ...

New behavioral therapy to support Japanese mothers of children with ADHD >> ADHD

2/23/2017 The New Forest Parenting Programme Japan (NFPP-Japan) provides support to Japanese mothers of children with ADHD to develop more effective parenting practices.

Parent Training Shows Promise for ADHD Treatment in Japan >> ADHD

2/23/2017 International guidelines for the management of ADHD in children recommend approved medications and/or behavioral therapy. However, compared with many Western countries, Japan has fewer pharmacological and behavioral options.

Anxiety and ADHD in Patients With Single-Ventricle Congenital Heart Disease >> ADHD

2/23/2017 As mortality and morbidity have decreased for children with critical CHD, it has become apparent that they suffer from higher-than-average rates of psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders such as executive function deficits and ADHD.2,3 Although ...

ADHD: What all parents need to know >> ADHD

2/23/2017 She says if your child is hyperactive, not just at home but in school and other social situations, that might be a sign that your child has ADHD. She says other signs can include impulsivity or talking non-stop and interrupting in conversations. See ...

The best medicine for ADHD might not be medicine, at least at first >> ADHD

2/23/2017 Steve and Michelle were desperate. Their 6-year-old son, Sam, was diagnosed with ADHD soon after entering first grade. Sam's behavior seemed outright defiant: He ignored adults when his name was called and was in constant motion.

Confirmed: ADHD Brain Is Different >> ADHD

2/23/2017 The structure of the brain of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) differs from that of normally developing children ― a difference that is clearly visible on MRI.

Health happenings, from ADHD parents group to Scrubs vs. Suits basketball challenge >> ADHD

2/21/2017 The Parents of Children and Adolescence with ADHD Community Resource Group will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Trinity Church, 5200 W. Friendly Ave.

Why People With ADHD Underestimate Their Symptoms >> ADHD

2/21/2017 There's a whole subfield of ADHD research on this. Most recently, for example, a study of 107 teens with ADHD found that 66 percent of them underreported their symptoms and 24 percent denied they had any symptoms at all!

ADHD Should Be Considered a Brain Disorder >> ADHD

2/21/2017 (HealthDay News) - Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is associated with the delayed development of five brain regions and should be considered a brain disorder, according to a study published in The Lancet Psychiatry.

5 reasons ADHD medication was the right choice for us >> ADHD

2/21/2017 About a month ago I wrote about my 5-year-old son, who was recently diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD.) The diagnosis itself was a relief. It explained years of behavioral problems at home and more recently, issues in school.

NorthBay hosting Facebook chat about ADHD >> ADHD

2/21/2017 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

How VAYA Pharma used Facebook ads for its ADHD campaign >> ADHD

2/21/2017 One of its products is Vayarin, a non-drug, prescription medical food for the dietary management of ADHD in children. While VAYA Pharma wanted to market the product to parents whose children had been diagnosed with ADHD, it didn't know the best ...

Doc: Treatment options for adults diagnosed with ADHD >> ADHD

2/21/2017 Dear Dr. Roach: There is an extensive history of ADHD in my family. My son, who was formally diagnosed at 8 and is now 14, has just started taking meds.

New behavioral therapy to support Japanese mothers of children with ADHD >> ADHD

2/21/2017 The results of the proof-of-concept of the new program, the "New Forest Parenting Programme-Japan", published in Japanese Psychological Research, show reductions in children's ADHD symptoms and improvements in parent-child relationships, ...

ADHD Linked to Structural Differences in the Brain >> ADHD

2/21/2017 “I think most scientists in the field already know that the brains of people with ADHD show differences, but I now hope to have shown convincing evidence … that will reach the general public and show that it has [a basis in the brain] just like other ...

Controversial ADHD prescription rule scrapped from Georgia bill >> ADHD

2/19/2017 The controversial provision of the bill limited doctors' ability to write prescriptions on controlled substances to only five days.

Low-Income Kids More Likely to Have ADHD, Asthma >> ADHD

2/19/2017 TUESDAY, Feb. 14, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Children in families struggling to make ends meet are developing asthma and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at faster rates than kids from families with greater means, a new study finds.

Is ADHD a Disorder of the Brain? >> ADHD

2/19/2017 HealthDay News - Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is associated with the delayed development of 5 brain regions and should be considered a brain disorder, according to a study published online February 15 in The Lancet Psychiatry.

5 reasons ADHD medication was the right choice for us >> ADHD

2/19/2017 About a month ago I wrote about my 5-year-old son, who was recently diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD.) The diagnosis itself was a relief. It explained years of behavioral problems at home and more recently, issues in school.

Working With Autism And ADHD >> ADHD

2/19/2017 For employees diagnosed with ADHD or autism, the widespread adoption of open floor plans in the workplace has made it more difficult for them to focus on their work, Matsis-McCready says.

Why ADHD Isn't Due to Bad Parenting >> ADHD

2/19/2017 It's listed in the manual of psychiatric disorders as a validated mental health condition, yet there's a lingering sense that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), especially among children, is in part due to poor parenting or parents who ...

Kids with ADHD have some smaller brain regions than normal, study ... >> ADHD

2/19/2017 Children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder have several brain regions that are slightly smaller than usual, more evidence that the disorder should be ...

Poverty puts kids at greater risk for ADHD, asthma >> ADHD

2/16/2017 The investigators specifically reviewed rates of asthma, ADHD and autism for two reasons, Pulcini explained. Other studies had found all three conditions on the rise in the United States.

Alcobra's (ADHD) CEO Yaron Daniely on Q4 2016 Results - Earnings Call Transcript >> ADHD

2/16/2017 The ADHD market is currently devoid of any abuse deterrent products. This unmet need prompted Alcobra to design ADAIR as an oral formulation of an immediate release, short-acting dextroamphetamine and included the development and in vitro testing of ...

Learning Strategies for Children with ADHD and Dyslexia >> ADHD

2/16/2017 Almost half of people with ADHD also have a learning disability, and the most common among them is dyslexia. Oftentimes, diagnosing physicians miss the signs and symptoms of ADHD or dyslexia in a patient who has already been diagnosed with the other ...

Kids' Creations: The Art of Having ADHD >> ADHD

2/16/2017 Cristina Margolis has been blogging at My Little Villagers ( since her young daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. Cristina wants to help document her daughter's life with ADHD and spread ADHD awareness in children. Her work has ...

Mediterranean Diet Might Help Prevent ADHD >> ADHD

2/16/2017 Children across the country with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are commonly prescribed medications that carry an array of side effects.

How ADHD Impacts Women & Why Support Communities Matter >> ADHD

2/16/2017 Greg Crosby, one of the authors of Transforming ADHD: Simple, Effective Attention & Action Skills to Help You Focus & Succeed, says that ADHD manifests itself in many forms and it is not only rooted in the ability to lack attention, but “it's about ...

Health Watch: Updates On ADHD & Flu Research >> ADHD

2/16/2017 Health Watch: Updates On ADHD & Flu ResearchScientists say those suffering from ADHD may have smaller brain volume.

Pay Close Attention: Living With ADHD Can Be a Challenge >> ADHD

2/16/2017 I could blame it on age, menopause, stress or any other number of factors, but the fact is, I'm pretty sure I've had ADHD all my life. I've answered a lot of the questionnaires pertaining to the disorder and I passed (or failed, depending how you look ...

Smith comes to terms with ADHD >> ADHD

2/16/2017 The Prince Edward native has succeeded despite struggling for 23 years with undiagnosed attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). One day, he said, he was reading about ADHD and decided it may apply to him. He went to the doctor, who confirmed ...

Income Levels Linked to Incidence of ADHD, Asthma, and Autism in Children >> ADHD

2/16/2017 From 2003 to 2012, rates of asthma, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) rose dramatically for children in the United States.

ADHD Parents: Here's How to Make It Work at Home >> ADHD

2/16/2017 Before jumping to the conclusion that your chaotic life means you have ADHD, check with a medical doctor or a qualified psychologist.

The poorest kids have the highest rates of asthma and ADHD >> ADHD

2/16/2017 A study published last month found that ADHD accounts for a large chunk of health care costs for children, and that asthma accounts for many emergency department visits.

Kids with ADHD have some smaller brain regions than normal >> ADHD

2/16/2017 Hoogman and colleagues analyzed MRI scans for more than 3,200 people in nine countries aged four to 63, of whom 1,713 who had ADHD. They found that the brains of children with the condition were slightly smaller in five regions, including those that ...

ADHD: A Beginner's Guide >> ADHD

2/16/2017 As a child psychiatrist with over 35 years of experience, I've seen thousands of children and families. While they present for a variety of reasons, the most common is a boy or girl struggling in school - academically, behaviorally, socially, or any ...

Study Finds Brains of ADHD Sufferers Are Smaller >> ADHD

2/16/2017 The brains of sufferers of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are slightly smaller than those not suffering from the condition, according to a study.

Start with Hello: Building Conversation Skills in Children with ADHD >> ADHD

2/13/2017 Some students with ADHD struggle to keep track of information, ask relevant questions, and indicate their continued interest.

How I Came to Rock My ADHD >> ADHD

2/13/2017 I learned how to overcome ADHD. When I learned that I would be spending my final two years of high school there, I actively decided to not settle for anything less than great.

ADHD, Asthma Prevalence Tied to Poverty, National Study Shows >> ADHD

2/13/2017 The national prevalence of parent-reported asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is on the rise in the United States, as are accompanying comorbid disorders, but poverty influences the prevalence of ...

Daily Herald: Teenage drivers with ADHD >> ADHD

2/12/2017 Teenage drivers with ADHD are four times as likely as other teens to have accidents. (WLS). WLS. Sunday, February 12, 2017 09:13AM.

Pharma Trial Suggests Dyanavel XR Is Safe and Effective for Treating ADHD in Children >> ADHD

2/11/2017 A new medication trial presents further evidence that Dyanavel XR - the only liquid amphetamine currently on the market to treat ADHD - is long lasting, effective, and safe for use in children, according to the medication's manufacturer. The company ...

Prescription pill bill could affect kids and adults on ADHD medication >> ADHD

2/11/2017 Rossville, GA - Georgia lawmakers could create an unintended side effect while trying to fight the opioid epidemic. Sydney Slaven and her husband have adopted four children and are currently fostering two others.

New Study Links Mediterranean Diet to Low Levels of ADHD >> ADHD

2/11/2017 If you have considered going on the Mediterranean diet to lose weight, you might want to consider it for your children, but for entirely different reasons.

8 Things I Wish People Knew About Parenting A Child With ADHD >> ADHD

2/11/2017 8 Things I Wish People Knew About Parenting A Child With ADHD. Most people who judge do it because they just don't know.

GUEST APPEARANCE: Are ADHD meds overprescribed? >> ADHD

2/11/2017 As a college student, Ken Mazik starting abusing Adderall - an amphetamine medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - and became increasingly dependent on it. In 2012, he had an Adderall induced psychotic episode. He was ...

Do I have ADHD? >> ADHD

2/11/2017 He pointed to the number of studies done in the US, Taiwan, Iceland, and Canada showing that the youngest kid in a classroom was consistently more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than the oldest kid. He says this problem is also due to time ...

Your brain should be a bit anxious and a bit ADHD, Berkeley study shows >> ADHD

2/10/2017 The findings suggest that increased awareness of how our thoughts move when our brains are at rest could lead to better diagnoses and targeted treatments for such mental illnesses as depression, anxiety, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Tris Pharma's Results from a Laboratory Classroom Study of DYANAVEL >> ADHD

2/10/2017 The findings were presented in a poster, “The Efficacy and Safety of Amphetamine Extended-Release Oral Suspension (AMPH EROS) in Children With ADHD,” presented by Ann C. Childress, M.D., President of the Center for Psychiatry and Behavioral ...

Controversial ADHD prescription rule scrapped from Georgia bill >> ADHD

2/10/2017 A controversial provision of legislation before the Georgia Senate that would have required patients taking ADHD medications to get new prescriptions every 5 days has been dropped.

12 Dating Struggles Only Girls With ADHD Will Understand >> ADHD

2/10/2017 1. I actively struggle to pay attention on a first date. You don't know me yet, so when I inevitably get distracted by my favorite Sia song in the background or how the appetizer menu is written in Comic Sans, you'll probably think I'm just an asshole ...

How Safe Are ADHD Medications? >> ADHD

2/10/2017 The two medications that are the first-line treatment for ADHD have been around for a long time. Amphetamine (129 years) and methylphenidate (76 years) are among the best-known drugs in medicine.

Youngest Children in Class More Likely to get 'ADHD' Drugs >> ADHD

2/10/2017 A new analysis published in the Medical Journal of Australia finds that school-aged children who are younger than their classroom peers are significantly more likely to receive pharmacological treatment for 'ADHD.' The research adds to previous studies ...

ADHD parents fret over Georgia bill to limit prescriptions - >> ADHD

2/10/2017 A Georgia bill could force parents of children with ADHD to get prescriptions for medications every five days.

Lower Adherence to Mediterranean Diet Linked to ADHD - Medscape >> ADHD

2/10/2017 Spanish researchers show that an ADHD diagnosis is more likely in children and adolescents with low adherence a Mediterranean diet vs those with higher ...

How You Can Really Help Your Loved One with ADHD >> ADHD

2/9/2017 You may have once thought that your loved one with ADHD either had a motivational problem, a behavioral problem, a moral failing that he or she could readily change, or was willfully making bad lifestyle choices.

Weber School District offering ADHD parenting classes at Majestic Elementary >> ADHD

2/9/2017 OGDEN - A family class for parents whose children have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is being held in February. Held from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

A shorter school day helps my ADHD, on-the-spectrum kid learn, so why do I have to fight for it? >> ADHD

2/9/2017 When your child is on the spectrum, has ADHD and anxiety, you read a tremendous amount of data, essays and research to help you understand what it all means.

Eating Licorice During Pregnancy May Be Linked to ADHD >> ADHD

2/9/2017 An unexpected link between licorice– recommended for its health benefits–and ADHD in kids adds this candy to the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Betsy DeVos bankrolls quack medical centers that claim to treat ADHD and autism with TV >> ADHD

2/9/2017 Betsy DeVos sits on the board of a “brain performance” center whose physician operator claims he can treat ADHD with television.

The Anti-ADHD Diet? >> ADHD

2/9/2017 Adhering to a “Mediterranean diet” - rich in fruit, vegetables, and “good fat,” and lean in processed foods and saturated fat - may lower the risk of ADHD in children, a new study indicates. Published in the February 2017 issue of Pediatrics by a ...

The Internet's Matt Martians Claims He Wasn't Paid for Kendrick ... >> ADHD

2/9/2017 “I haven't done the obvious cuz I legit hate taking money out another black man's pocket. Could have had it for free... just credit my guy.

ADHD medication: Bill would require new prescriptions every 5 days ... >> ADHD

2/9/2017 A bill aimed at opioid abuse in Georgia stirred outrage in the ADHD community because it requires people on ADHD meds get new prescriptions every five days.

'Minor' effect of omega-3s on ADHD - but future bright for probiotics ... >> ADHD

2/7/2017 Omega-3 supplementation may only have a minor effect on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), say researchers who add that the gut microbiota and ...

AutismOne Announces Treating ADHD Naturally Event: First Time Ever in Colorado >> ADHD

2/7/2017 The AutismOne Conference, the nation's largest/most comprehensive conference covering autism and related issues, today announced the debut of the Treating ADHD Naturally Event in Colorado Springs in May 2017. World-renowned speakers like Dr.

(Young) Adulthood, Here I Come >> ADHD

2/7/2017 For some young adults with ADHD, pushing them out the door the second they turn 18 might do more harm than good. Here's how you can instill maturity and independence in your teen - without overwhelming her still-developing brain.

Betsy DeVos bankrolls quack medical centers that claim to treat ADHD and autism with TV >> ADHD

2/7/2017 Betsy DeVos sits on the board of a “brain performance” center whose physician operator claims he can treat ADHD with television.

Is licorice intake during pregnancy linked to ADHD in offspring? >> ADHD

2/7/2017 Furthermore, children of mothers who consumed large amounts of glycyrrhizin during pregnancy were more likely to have behaviors associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Additionally, the researchers found that girls started ...

Did ADHD make a Ga. banker commit fraud? And what is this doctor's excuse? The sheriff's? >> ADHD

2/7/2017 A Georgia banker may suffer from “impaired executive functioning”, but he doesn't deserve a new trial for defrauding his bank and helping drive it into insolvency, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Alcobra Ltd. (ADHD) Reports on Productive FDA Meeting on ADAIR >> ADHD

2/7/2017 Find out which companies are about to raise their dividend well before the news hits the Street with's Dividend Insider Elite.

Health Care Sector Update for 02/07/2017: ADHD,ARWR,ATNM >> ADHD

2/7/2017 In company news, Alcobra Ltd ( ADHD ) declined Tuesday despite the specialty drugmaker last night describing "productive" talks with federal regulators about its abuse-deterrent form of amphetamine to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and ...

Mediterranean Diet Tied to Fewer ADHD Diagnoses | Psych Central ... >> ADHD

2/7/2017 Children who consume a Mediterranean diet are less likely to be diagnosed with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a new study led ...

Alcobra's (ADHD) CEO Yaron Daniely on ADAIR Investor Update ... >> ADHD

2/7/2017 Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Alcobra Update on ADAIR Conference Call. At this time, all participants are in a listen-only mode.

ADHD News: Mediterranean Diet Could Prevent The Risk Of The Disease >> ADHD

2/6/2017 A significant number of experts have long noted that attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or commonly called as ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by poor attention, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity.

ADHD 1.7 times more common in low-income group: study >> ADHD

2/6/2017 The study, led by professor Park Eun-cheol and his team at the Severance Hospital of Yonsei University and released Monday, examined 18,029 children to check the correlation, if any, between their family's income and the incidence rate of ADHD.

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