Sheryl Sandberg Was Terrified Her Kids 'Would Never Be Happy Again' After Her Husband's Death >> Womens Health

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Duluth Women's Health Center Offers Free STD Testing - Fox21Online >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 Certain sexually transmitted infections are on the rise; so the Women's Health Center in Duluth offered free testing all day today.

Do These 5 Things Outside The Gym To Take Your Workouts To The Next Level >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 A new review found that six protein-rich small meals per day (about 20 grams per meal) led to the greatest boosts in women's muscular endurance and power, core strength, heart health, and fat loss. (Hit the reset button—and burn fat like crazy with ...

5 Women Share Exactly How They Totally Transformed Their Butts >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 No, you aren't imagining it, #SquatGoals is definitely a full-blown thing. If you're already familiar with these booty-transformation photos taking over your feed, you've probably wondered (as we did) how these women sculpted their glorious glutes ...

Why Thousands Of Women Might Be Getting Unnecessary Mastectomies >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 Genetic testing, once the realm of science fiction, has come so far that millions of physicians, and their patients, use it to help inform complicated medical decisions.

5 Vegan Dinners With As Much Protein As A Chicken Breast >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 Do you whip up vegan smoothies for breakfast and hummus six ways for lunch, only to lose your love of plants when dinnertime rolls around?

What You Need To Know About The Disturbing Sexual Assault Trend Called 'Stealthing' >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 On an emotional level, Brodsky reveals that the men and women who are victims of stealthing also experience a “deeply felt feeling of violation.

These Are The Best Beers To Drink If You're Trying To Lose Weight >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 ... wagon (at least, when it comes to your calorie intake) is to plan ahead, steering clear of the brewskies that can do the most damage to your waistline, says Lockwood.

Quick Flat Abs Workouts | Women's Health >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 So... we were going to kick off this article by reminding you (as we often do in a nifty little parenthetical) that HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training.

Joyner-Kersee emphasizes hard work at Women's Health Night >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 Four-time track-and-field Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee leads a group of women around the track at Illinois Wesleyan University's Tucci Stadium on Tuesday during the 19th Women's Health Night. 042617-blm-loc-2healthnight. Buy Now. DAVID PROEBER ...

6 Women Share Why They Called Off Their Divorces >> Womens Health

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3 Insanely Delicious Burger Combos You Have To Try >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 Say cheese. Just not American or cheddar. In a recent survey, roughly two-thirds of respondents called those classics their topping go-tos.

'Scream Queens' Star Abigail Breslin Says She Was Diagnosed With PTSD After Being Raped >> Womens Health

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The Most Effective Weight Loss Plan You've Never Heard Of Before >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 (Kick-start your new, healthy routine with Women's Health's 12-Week Total-Body Transformation!) Since researchers at the National Institutes of Health developed the plan in 2001, the American Heart Association has endorsed it, and it's backed by solid ...

Coca-Cola Apparently Really Wants To Help You Poop >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 (Speed up your progress towards your weight-loss goals with Women's Health's Look Better Naked DVD!) While fiber-added products like Coca-Cola Plus sound good, Warren says there's a chance people can develop bloating and stomach discomfort from ...

'I Was Diagnosed With Autism As An Adult—Here's What It's Like' >> Womens Health

4/26/2017 It's rare for adults to be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, just as it's rare for girls and women to be diagnosed.

NASA designs an inflatable greenhouse for Mars >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 NASA has long been interested in air quality. They've tested the air-cleaning and oxygen-producing capabilities of plants for decades, and now researchers at the University of Arizona are backing up biology with a bit of futuristic plant-growing ...

Pruitt Criticizes Obama's Environmental Record and Explains EPA Getting Back to Basics >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 One protestor shouted that Pruitt sued EPA to prevent improvements in air quality when he was in Oklahoma. Pruitt countered, "We had 13 or so lawsuits against the EPA as I was attorney general.

Hawaii environmentalists want chlorpyrifos ban >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 District 8 Sen. Ron Kouchi has said he will still continue to push for $750,000 to be added to the Department of Agriculture's budget for surface water and air quality testing. “Half a million would be to continue surface water testing statewide, and ...

Owners of Harford properties slated for rezoning face more opposition from neighbors >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 Alma Illian, of Bel Air, shares her views on what should be done with the Bel Air Auto Auction property during a community input meeting Tuesday on the Harford County comprehensive zoning process.

Lake Mirrors Heavy Pollution in New Development Zone >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 Baiyang Lake's dark, murky water is nowadays hardly reminiscent of a mirror that fell from the clouds. Water shortages and heavy pollution have pushed the lake to the brink of becoming an ecological dead zone. From time to time, algae bloom and dead ...

Engagement with natural environment a significant contributor to life satisfaction >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 ... things are fair and they have a voice in process of making decisions and whether governance is transparent - those are the foundations of why people even can interact with nature,” said lead author Kelly Biedenweg of OSU's College of Agricultural ...

IoT Time: M2M/Internet of Things weekly update >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 The MD noted that asset tracking (tracking temperature, humidity or velocity), meters (water, gas or electricity) and smart building monitoring (air quality or smoke alarms) are likely to be the top three IoT applications in Hong Kong, whilst adding ...

The definition of agriculture >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 ... in part, "Uncontrolled urban encroachment into agricultural and watershed areas will impair agriculture and threaten the public health, safety and welfare by causing increased traffic congestion, associated air pollution and potentially serious ...

Trump's EPA cuts risk fight with state' environmental agencies >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 "Much to our chagrin and total shock was not only did they cut EPA, but they cut funding to state and local governmental agencies," said Bill Becker, longtime director of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies, representing state air pollution ...

Countries Doing the Most (and Least) to Protect the Environment >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 We also reviewed supplementary measures related to EPI themes - such as health impacts, air quality, water and sanitation, water resources, agriculture, forests, fisheries, biodiversity and habitat, and climate and energy - from the World Bank for ...

Inconvenient Truths The Earth Day 'March for Science' Protesters Ignore >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 Given the trends in air quality, water quality, toxics and, yes, even CO2 emissions, you'd think Earth Day would be a grand celebration of a monumental achievement that has allowed this country to produce vastly more goods and services for millions ...

The Dried-Up Heart of California's Water Dilemma >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 Tulare Lake is gone (although it makes a partial reappearance during very wet years like this one), but what the California Department of Water Resources now dubs the Tulare Lake Hydrologic Region is the most productive agricultural region in the state ...

China's environment ministry finds patchy progress on water and soil pollution >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 BEIJING (Reuters) - Efforts to tackle water pollution in China remain uneven with some areas worsening in 2016, while heavy metals and other pollutants continued to accumulate in Chinese soil, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) said.

Germany's cheap food prices come at a cost, study finds >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 That mindset is reflected in a trend towards ecologically-produced agricultural products, as well as sustainable and ethical practices.

New study: California drought increased electricity bills and air pollution >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 “That's not nearly as large as the agricultural cost of the drought, or even the costs that homeowners paid for low-water appliances,” Sweeney said. Gleick agreed that Californians took bigger financial hits during the drought in other ways. But he ...

Combating air pollution in the Eastern Coachella Valley with the help of AIResiliency >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 In fact, they represent $526 million in agricultural gross that is currently being grown and supplied to local markets across the state according to the Agricultural Commissioner's Office, including a large crop of dates. However, the prevalence of air ...

Yankton County: Coping With CAFOs >> Water - Air Quality - Agriculture

4/26/2017 As Yankton County grapples with the course of its agricultural - and thus, economic - future, a speaker at Monday's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting gave local residents and officials a lot to think about in terms of farm development.

Mobile veterinary service targets western Cumberland County >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 A 4-H program geared toward preparing Arkansas youth for a career in the veterinary field goes well beyond dogs, cats and horses, giving participants a look into the realm of exotic animal medicine, food animal medicine and wildlife medicine.

Reality television vs. real veterinary medicine >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 MANATEE Co., FL (WWSB) -- Bradenton Veterinary Hospital is inviting the public - "young and old, two-legged and four-legged" - to visit B's Cool Treats Ice Cream Truck in their parking lot for free ice cream.

Arkansas 4-H helps develop the next generation of veterinarians >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 Must have Previous office experience.

Bradenton Veterinary Hospital to host ice cream event >> Veterinary


Veterinary Receptionist >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 RECEPTIONIST Receptionist needed for busy, growing Veterinary practice located in Eagle.

World Veterinary Day on Apr.29: Musings on Veterinary Profession >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 On account of World Veterinary Day being celebrated on Apr. 29, here we publish an article on veterinary profession by Dr.

Global Flavoured Veterinary Medications Market Rises Higher by 2021 >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 Flavored Veterinary Medications are the medicines available in different flavors for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in animals or birds.

Hobbs earns veterinary award >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 STILLWATER - John Hobbs of Tahlequah was among the veterinary students recently honored at Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. Hobbs received a Lorenz Family Scholarship in recognition of his academic achievements ...

Texas A&M Vet Med To Host Unique Innovation Summit April 28 >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) and the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) will host game-changers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to the Veterinary Innovation Summit this weekend in ...

LifeLearn, Inc., Announces Improvements to ClientEd Online Education System for Veterinarians >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 With the update to ClientEd Online v1.5, LifeLearn has completely redesigned the platform based on user feedback and established practice workflows to be more useful and beneficial to veterinary teams. What can veterinary practices do with the new ...

Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital to host open house >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 Get your pets ready, because Mattituck-Laurel Veterinary Hospital is hosting an open house Sunday. Designed to give the public a behind-the-scenes look at animal care, the hospital has partnered with the Long Island Veterinary Medical Association ...

Remodeled Adel Veterinary Clinic carries 'fear-free' atmosphere >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 After graduating from Iowa State University (where she was named the top graduate in small animal medicine), Dr. Elizabeth Holland began her work at the Adel Veterinary Clinic in 2008. At the time, the clinic was owned by Dr. Patrick Rohret. However ...

AAVMC: Fewer men, more debt in veterinary academia >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 Veterinary classes today are larger, more female, and more indebted than ever before recorded by the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, which has collected student census data for nearly half a century. The association's latest annual ...

Aeromedical Evacuation Airmen receive basic veterinary training >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 Military working dogs require extra care when they are in need of medical attention so, soldiers with the 195th Medical Detachment Veterinary Support Services help the Airmen take the first step in keeping the animal alive in the event they are injured ...


4/26/2017 A simple prescription pill given once a month can prevent Heartworm Disease and also protects against other parasites such as Roundworms, Hookworms, and Whipworms.

AVMA Welcomes Veterinary Leadership at USDA >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 The AVMA is pleased that a veterinarian, Secretary Sonny Perdue, DVM, was confirmed to the position of United States Secretary of Agriculture.

MU Veterinary Health Center celebrates grand opening of new facility >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 MU Veterinary Health Center faculty, administrators and community members gathered for the ribbon cutting for the new Large Animal Ambulatory Facility on Friday.

Veterinary Medical Center set to begin $508 million renovations >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 UC Davis' Veterinary and Animal Science departments rank number one in the world, due in large part to the state-of-the-art Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) and its staff. However, with such prestige comes great demand, and in recent years the workload ...

AVMA welcomes veterinary leadership at the U.S. Department of Agriculture >> Veterinary

4/26/2017 With the country facing challenges and opportunities on issues requiring veterinary expertise, such as animal health, animal welfare and public health, having strong veterinary leadership at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is more important ...

The Secret History of Australia's Gay Diggers >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 “There were thousands of ex-servicemen who were camp, I think I went through 300 of them myself,” he told the magazine, a copy of which is preserved by the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives.

'In awe' of Anzac Day >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 Following the dawn service many ex-servicemen and women attended breakfasts at the RSL and Wests Diggers, before Bourke and Peel street bristled with crowds to see the passing parade, and the demography of the crowd gave the president even further ...

Son takes on the marathon for a veteran charity >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 Nigel Huddleston from Southwick is joining thousands of runners at the London Marathon on Sunday. The 51-year-old is aiming to raise £2,000 for Blind Veterans UK, a charity which supports blind ex-servicemen and women. The charity has a rehabilitation ...

RSL's cry for your support >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 Among ex-servicemen imploring the public to turn up for Tuesday's services is Rats of Tobruk veteran Bill Corey, a long-time RSL member.

Surfing helps veterans back to daily life >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 Club president and vice president of Australian Veteran Surfers, Matt Hoare and Kieran Scotchford, will be laying a wreath at the Currumbin RSL on Anzac Day today(((Tuesday))).

President proud: Maclean comes out for Anzac Day >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 "We had a lot of returned servicemen and women, a lot of ex-servicemen not just veterans and we had a smattering of current serving members of the Navy, Air Force and Army,” he said.

Kiwi war veterans affected by Vietnam's toxic legacy fight to keep precious medals >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 He and other ex-servicemen took the Government to court, claiming they weren't being given the healthcare and support they were entitled to.

We must continue to honour our Anzacs >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 Those three words are synonymous with Anzac Day and its traditions of biting cold and sometimes damp dawn services, bugle players, marches with ever thinning ranks of war veterans. And for many younger Australians, whose imaginations struggle to ...

'Homeless veteran' who begged for money online is revealed as a fake by fellow ex-servicemen >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 A 'marine' who made a desperate appeal online after ending up homeless and with post-traumatic stress disorder has been revealed as a fake by fellow servicemen.

Fallen Māori veterans in Malaysia set to return home >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 Te Kāea spoke to ex-servicemen Hemana Waaka of Te Paraeroa a Tūmatauenga. Te Paraeroa a Tūmatauenga are relieved soldiers from the Malayan will be returned to New Zealand.

Ivy is an angel for veterans >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 Nowadays, the twinkle-eyed Smith plies her trade in community and veteran services, giving much-needed care and assistance to those in need.

World War II veteran dies at Bethlehem Views >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 His death further thins the ranks of Mount RSA's World War II ex-servicemen, who now number about 66 - one of the biggest contingents of veterans of any Returned and Services Association branch in New Zealand. Mr Tanner, who was a wharfie at Mount ...

Assam Rifles Ex- Servicemen Rally >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 Major General Virendra Singh, VSM, IGAR (S) at the outset welcomed all the Veterans to the rally and conveyed special gratitude to Veer Naris & Veterans of WW-II for their attendance. He emphasied that, Assam Rifles as an org is focused on the welfare ...

Politicians should face stone pelters in Kashmir: Veterans >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 There is unanimity among ex-servicemen that by pitting the army to do the job of policemen, political establishment has abdicated its own responsibility.

'War veterans now fighting mosquitoes' >> Veterans - Ex-Servicemen

4/26/2017 On receiving a complaint from ex-servicemen and war veterans seeking basic facilities at Sena Nagar, a colony of ex-servicemen, here on Tuesday, district in-charge Minister M.B. Patil expressed anguish over the local bodies not providing facilities ...

Data Highlight Medtronic Vascular Innovations at Charing Cross 2017 >> Vascular

4/26/2017 LONDON and DUBLIN - April 20, 2017 - Medtronic plc (MDT) today announced key clinical studies for its leading vascular interventional portfolio will be featured at the annual 2017 Charing Cross Symposium (CX), one of the world`s largest educational ...

Worldwide Peripheral Vascular Devices Market Projected to reach ... >> Vascular

4/26/2017 Market.Biz: Research Report on Peripheral Vascular Devices Industry 2016 provides the analytical view of the Peripheral Vascular Devices industry globally, ...

Corindus Vascular Robotics to Report First Quarter 2017 Financial Results on May 9, 2017 >> Vascular

4/26/2017 Corindus Vascular Robotics, Inc. (NYSE MKT: CVRS), a leading developer of precision vascular robotics, announced today that it will release financial and business results for the first quarter of 2017 after the close of trading on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

Nurses can help diabetic patients avoid vascular complications >> Vascular

4/26/2017 The Society for Vascular Surgery has released a list of six diabetes vascular complications and how to avoid them. Nurses can use the list to identify risk factors and educate their diabetic patients.

Blanchard Valley Hospital's Vascular Lab receives reaccreditation >> Vascular

4/26/2017 FINDLAY - Blanchard Valley Hospital's Vascular Laboratory has been reaccredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission.

Michael A Gimbrone, Jr, MD, to receive the ASIP 2017 Gold-Headed Cane Award >> Vascular

4/26/2017 The 2017 recipient of the Gold-Headed Cane Award is Dr. Michael A Gimbrone, Jr, Director of the Center for Excellence in Vascular Biology at Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Elsie T Friedman Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School.

First Patients Enrolled in Bluegrass Vascular Post-Market SAVE Study >> Vascular

4/26/2017 SAN ANTONIO, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluegrass Vascular Technologies (Bluegrass Vascular), a private medical technology company focused on innovating lifesaving devices and methods for vascular access procedures, announced today that it ...

Investor Scope: Taking a Closer Look at Shares of LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. (NASDAQ:LMAT) >> Vascular

4/26/2017 The F-Score was developed to help find company stocks that have solid fundamentals, and to separate out weaker companies. Piotroski's F-Score uses nine tests based on company financial statements.

Mount St. Mary's to hold free vascular health screening >> Vascular

4/26/2017 Mount St. Mary's Hospital will host a free vascular health screening program from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 6, at the hospital: 5300 Military Road, Lewiston.

Focused issue on vascular disease in women available now >> Vascular

4/26/2017 Vascular disease is a leading cause of morbidity and death worldwide. There are important sex-related differences in risk factors, clinical manifestations, and therapeutic outcomes in peripheral vascular diseases, including peripheral artery disease ...

Vascular Surgery Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments Market ... >> Vascular

4/26/2017 Global Vascular Surgery Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments Market Research Report provides insights of Vascular Surgery Minimally Invasive Surgical In.

Vascular Biogenics Ltd (VBLT) Rating Reiterated by HC Wainwright >> Vascular

4/26/2017 Vascular Biogenics Ltd (NASDAQ:VBLT)'s stock had its “buy” rating reiterated by research analysts at HC Wainwright in a note issued to investors on Tuesday.

Global Portable Vascular Doppler Market 2017 Analysis and Forecast to 2021 >> Vascular

4/26/2017 ICRWorld's Portable Vascular Doppler market research report provides the newest industry data and industry future trends, allowing you to identify the products and end users driving Revenue growth and profitability.

Mercator MedSystems Announces First Enrollment in the TANGO Trial for BTK Vascular Disease >> Vascular

4/26/2017 "The team at Mercator is developing a profoundly different approach to local vascular drug delivery with a micro-infusion platform.

Price Alert: Corindus Vascular Robotics Inc (AMEX:CVRS) Stock Nears Resistance -- Technicals Hit Strength >> Vascular

4/26/2017 Price Alert: Corindus Vascular Robotics Inc (AMEX:CVRS) has now crossed into technical strength -- watch the technical oscillators for momentum gaps.

Vascular surgeon Joseph Sheridan dies at 91 >> Vascular

4/26/2017 Dr. Joseph Sheridan was a skilled vascular surgeon and a principled if quiet leader at Chicago's now-closed Michael Reese Hospital where he practiced medicine for 50 years.

United States Non-Vascular Stents Market Outlook to 2023 >> Vascular

4/26/2017 GlobalData's new report, United States Non-Vascular Stents Market Outlook to 2023, provides key market data on the United States Non-Vascular Stents market. The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, volume (in units) and and average prices ...

Manmohan Cardiothoracic and Vascular Transplant Centre to expand services >> Vascular

4/26/2017 KATHMANDU, April 26: The Tribhuvan University (TU), Manmohan Cardiothoracic and Vascular Transplant Center is to expand its services constructing a new building with all the modern facilities.

Medical tourism is forex top spinner >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 Orthopaedics, oncology, neurology and cardiology are the top four export revenue earners; strikingly, Ayurveda is a close fifth, much above other branches including urology, haematology, general medicine and nephrology. The report is part of the ...

KAPV medical college gets 48 more PG seats >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 Nine super speciality departments such as cardiology, neurology, neuro surgery, nephrology, urology, paediatrics, plastic surgery and oncology had been functioning in the main building.

Botulinum toxin may be safe and effective for overactive bladder >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 Intradetrusor injection of onabotulinumtoxin A (OnaBoNT-A) may be safe and effective for patients with overactive bladder, according to a study published in the Journal of Urology. Pradeep Tyagi, PhD, and colleagues identified peer-reviewed basic and ...

Clinical evaluation of tamsulosin in the relief of lower urinary tract symptoms in advanced prostate cancer patients. >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 Additional administration of tamsulosin showed significantly greater and sooner relief in LUTS than ADT monotherapy, with good acceptability.

Insurance Type Affects Initial Dialysis Modality Choice >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 “The nephrology community needs to be aware of this association and can hopefully improve the use of PD,” Samaya Qureshi, MD, and colleagues at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, concluded in a poster presentation.

Testing the limits of an unsolicited invitation >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 John McCool, a freelance medical editor and big “Seinfeld” fan, knew the unsolicited invitation from Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal to submit a paper was unscrupulous. The journal has been labeled “predatory,” meaning it trolls researchers ...

Initial Low-Dose Etelcalcetide Feasible for SHPT Patients >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 In an open-label extension trial lasting 2 years, Geoffrey Block, MD, of Denver Nephrology in Denver, and colleagues compared the 2 starting doses of the medication.

Reduced Kidney Function a Major Cause of Cardiovascular Deaths >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 (HealthDay News) -- Kidney disease is a major cause of cardiovascular deaths worldwide, according to a study published online in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Based on data from 188 countries at 6 time points between 1990 and 2013, ...

Spine injury patients gather for empowerment >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 During the 'doctors' session', specialists in neurology, urology, nephrology, spine injuries, embryology and infertility inspired and counselled affected persons to go for rehabilitation for independent and respectable social life.

Impact of the medical specialty on knowledge regarding multidrug-resistant organisms and strategies toward ... >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 We aimed at evaluating attitude, perception, and knowledge about multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO) and antibiotic prescribing among urologists versus other medical specialties. Within the MR2-study ... International urology and nephrology. 2017 Apr ...

Global Nephrology and Urology Devices Market 2017 Trends, Top Manufactures, Market Demands Segmentation and ... >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 The Nephrology and Urology Devices Market Report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional and country breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies for this market.

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Apr 25, 2017 >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 Of 1,061 questionnaires targeted to general surgeons, internists, gynecologists, and urologists, 456 physicians responded, for a 43% response rate, according to the study in International Urology and Nephrology. The share of urologists who prescribed ...

Market Forecast Report on Nephrology and Urology Incontinence Devices Market 2015-2025 >> Urology - Nephrology

4/26/2017 Incontinence Devices are used in the treatment of urinary tract and nephrological disorder of patient such as Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Kidney Stone, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and urinary incontinence of ...

Rutgers researchers make breakthrough in tuberculosis treatment >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 An Airman administers a tuberculosis test in the immunizations clinic on Barksdale Air Force Base, La., Jan. 18. After receiving the injection, the patient must return after a scheduled period of time to have the injection site examined for a reaction ...

How artificial intelligence is helping detect tuberculosis in remote areas >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 Researchers are training artificial intelligence to identify tuberculosis on chest X-rays, an initiative that could help screening and evaluation efforts in TB-prevalent areas lacking access to radiologists.

ASU researchers develop faster, more accurate method to identify active tuberculosis >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 Tuberculosis, or what those in the field call "The Captain of All These Men of Death" will face a new challenge as an ASU research team reveals their new identification test for active tuberculosis. Tony Hu, the principal investigator for the project ...

Bovine tuberculosis risk designated in parts of 5 Michigan... >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 LANSING, Mich. - State officials have designated parts of five Michigan counties as a "potential high risk area" for bovine tuberculosis. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development says it took the step after four free-ranging whitetail deer ...

Tuberculosis: Oregon Zoo reports 'Shine' is TB positive >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 The Oregon Zoo is reporting the fourth case of tuberculosis, or TB in an Asian elephant in recent years. The 34-year-old, Sung-Surin, or “Shine” tested positive for the disease on Wednesday and veterinarians started her on an appropriate treatment regimen.

Simulating Tuberculosis Epidemics >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 At USC, Suen aims to leverage her background in modeling tuberculosis (TB) to improve L.A. County Department of Public Health's tuberculosis treatment protocols. She believes that with her prior expertise she can help model disease rates and the cost ...

El Centro students warned of tuberculosis exposure >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 DALLAS -- Students at El Centro College in Dallas are being warned about a case of tuberculosis. Dallas County Health and Human Services says the student affected is only taking one class this semester, and those in the same class have been notified ...

UPDATE: Tests show 65 at senior day care test positive for tuberculosis infection >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which usually attack the lungs. TB bacteria can also attack any part of the body such as the kidney, spine, and brain.

Rise of superbug tuberculosis hampers global control efforts >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 NEW YORK - Rising rates of superbug tuberculosis (TB) are threatening to derail decades of progress against the contagious disease and new drugs powerful enough to treat them are few and far between.

Oregon Zoo elephant 'Shine' tests positive for tuberculosis >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 PORTLAND, Ore. - Sung-Surin, a 34-year-old Asian elephant at the Oregon Zoo, has tested positive for tuberculosis, a zoo spokesman said Thursday.

Artificial Intelligence may help diagnose Tuberculosis >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 As per study, researchers are training artificial intelligence models to identify Tuberculosis (TB) on chest X-rays, which may help screening and evaluation efforts in TB-prevalent areas with limited access to radiologists.

Artificial Intelligence Could Help Diagnose Tuberculosis >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 Artificial intelligence models may be the new tool to help screen and evaluate efforts in tuberculosis-prevalent areas that often are plagued by limited access to radiologists.

A sanatorium to treat tuberculosis patients opened in Albemarle in 1920 >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 Often referred to as consumption, the infectious lung disease typically affected poorer segments of the population and it was not until the discovery of the antibiotic Streptomycin in 1944 that the slow decline of tuberculosis began. There was such a ...

Henrico health officials to hold meeting at Freeman HS regarding Tuberculosis scare >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 A letter was sent home to parents on Monday saying, 189 students could have been exposed to one confirmed case of Tuberculosis, but the district is not saying how. County officials are urging parents to have their children tested for the bacterial disease.

Students at Henrico school possibly exposed to tuberculosis >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 The Health Department says nearly 200 students at a Henrico high school may have been exposed to tuberculosis. A letter from the department went out to parents of 189 students at Douglas Freeman High School.

Chobani sues InfoWars, Alex Jones over 'migrant rapists,' tuberculosis claims >> Tuberculosis

4/26/2017 Chobani claims conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his website InfoWars purposefully pushed a false story that claimed the company imported migrant rapists and spread tuberculosis in order to cause a boycott of the Greek yogurt maker. Chobani made the ...

Combating neglected tropical diseases: more than just drugs and vaccines >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 Neglected tropical diseases have been in the news this week. A big meeting at the World Health Organisation in Geneva has resulted in big pledges from the UK aid progamme and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to banish the scourge affecting around ...

Merck Donates $300000 to Support Neglected Tropical Disease Elimination Efforts in Africa >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 River blindness and LF are targeted for elimination in the World Health Organization's (WHO) Roadmap on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), and NGOs have long played a critical role in the broad partnership focused on achieving those targets. Grants ...

UC San Diego to help Merck KAaA in fight against tropical diseases >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 Germany's Merck KGaA (MRK: DE) today announced a new collaboration in the fight against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), part of the company's commitment to an international effort in this area.

Poor Alabama county is a hotbed of "neglected tropical diseases" >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 The dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine estimates that 12m Americans live with a "poverty-related neglected tropical disease," including people living in Houston's poverty-stricken Greater Fifth Ward" where few houses have mosquito screens ...

Bill Gates Says Neglected Tropical Diseases Declining >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-chairman, discussed the fifth anniversary of the London Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases with Bloomberg's Manus Cranny on Monday. (Source: Bloomberg) ...

Dr Margaret Chan: The tide is turning for neglected tropical diseases >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 Eleven years ago, shortly before I became its director-general, the World Health Organisation and a group of more than 25 partners met in Washington to unveil a new strategy to rescue some of the world's poorest people from four neglected tropical ...

Tropical diseases spread in Maugndaw south >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 Tropical diseases such as skin diseases, chickenpox, fever, cough and vomiting have recently spread among the people in Maungdaw south, Fir Ahamed, a local villager from Maugdaw said.

WHO pressures Big Pharma to donate more drugs for tropical diseases >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 “There is no group of diseases that is so intimately linked to poverty,” said Dr. Dirk Engles, director of the WHO's department of control of neglected tropical diseases, adding that “The medicines exist…they are too expensive and (neither) people nor ...

Collaboration Drives Efforts To End Neglected Tropical Diseases >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 Neglected tropical diseases, or NTDs, take an enormous toll on the more than 1 billion people they afflict. Left untreated, these infections can lead to blindness, impaired cognitive development, decreased mobility, debilitating stigma, and even death ...

Nigerian 'leopard skin' sufferer celebrated in global fight against tropical diseases >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 More than 25 years after she started giving out the drugs, 53-year-old Ochai last week received the first ever Women in Focus Community Champion Award, celebrating the role women play in the global fight against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Neglected tropical diseases: A proxy for equitable development and shared prosperity >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) prevail among poor people in developing countries who that largely remain out of reach of national health care delivery systems.

WHO South-East Asia pledge intensified efforts against neglected ... >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 Jakarta /New Delhi, 26 April 2017 - Making significant progress against neglected tropical diseases, countries in WHO South-East Asia Region today resolved to ...

Unprecedented progress against neglected tropical diseases, WHO reports >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 19 April 2017 | Geneva - WHO reports remarkable achievements in tackling neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) since 2007. An estimated 1 billion people received treatment in 2015 alone.

Progress and Challenges for Neglected Tropical Diseases: An Anniversary Assessment >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 This year PLOS celebrates the 10th anniversary of PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases (PLOS NTDs). The festivities are off to an impressive start with a strong presence at the 2017 NTD Summit in Geneva, Switzerland, a 10th Anniversary Collection, a blog ...

Travel warning: Holidaymakers skipping vaccines risk DEATH from tropical diseases >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 While injections can trigger fever or fatigue before departure, death is a risk if travellers catch a tropical disease while they are away.

The Geneva Commitment on Neglected Tropical Diseases: Key ... >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 Tablets are distributed to a young girl during a mass drug administration for trachoma in Uganda. Photo by: RTI Fights NTDs / CC BY-NC-ND.

WHO steps closer to eliminating tropical disease - Financial Times >> Tropical Diseases

4/26/2017 In 1980 a global immunisation drive eradicated smallpox, handing the World Health Organisation a first win in its battle against human pathogens.

4000 people in NJ are waiting for transplants — These runners hope to save their lives >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 “There are nearly 4,000 people in New Jersey waiting for a transplant, so our job is to try and stop people from dying on the waiting list,” he said, reiterating the mission to “identify, consent, recover, and allocate organs from organ donors to help ...

Organ donation extended Cache County woman's life by 11 years >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 CACHE VALLEY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) -- April is donate life month. A time to bring more awareness to becoming an organ donor. Intermountain Medical Center Transplant Services performs on average 100 kidney transplants a year with about 45% of those ...

Father of kidney exchange says it's time for a refresh >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 The exchange creates a pathway for that person to donate their kidney to someone else, in exchange for a kidney from a donor compatible with their loved one. Thus, two donated organs are paired and exchanged and transplanted into recipients with the ...

The World's First Double Hand Transplant Recipient Writes A Touching Thank You Letter To His Doctor >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 Three years later, his life was changed again—this time for the better—as he became the world's first double hand transplant recipient, thanks to the innovation of plastic surgeon Simon Kay. Kay made headlines in 2012 after completing the first ...

How Spain became the world leader in organ transplants >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 Hospital staff try to reassure him by telling him organ transplants are carried out every day in Spain. Doctors performed 4,818 transplants last year, including 2,994 kidney transplants, according to the health ministry's National Transplant ...

A platform that's close to the heart: 'Outstanding Teen' talks organ donation at driver's education classes >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 Karleen's mother, Sunny Wilde, has has had four transplants. She's received two kidneys, one from her grandmother when she was 2 years old and one from her father when she was 8; another organ later in life from her husband, Ryan Wilde; and a fourth ...

Perth teen facing 2nd heart transplant - Ottawa - CBC News >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 Perth, Ont., teenager Adrianna Foster received a new heart when she was a toddler. Now 19, she's been told she needs another one.

“He's given me a strong heart:” Former pro athlete's organ donation saves life of baseball great >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 After that, Carew was in desperate need of a heart and kidney transplant. Then in December of last year, former NFL tight end Konrad Reuland, an organ donor, died at the age of 29 after suffering a brain aneurysm. "With Konrad, I actually laid my ear ...

LaSalle heart transplant recipient stresses importance of organ donation >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 Hospital officials are trying to increase organ donor registrations in Windsor-Essex after recent statistics ranked the region 160 out of 170 communities in Ontario.

Demand for organ transplants increasing | News, Sports, Jobs ... >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 “It's been a problem for years,” said Dr. Michael Marvin, chairman of Geisinger Medical Center's Department of Transplantation and Liver Surgery.

20 years after transplant, Syracuse woman urges others to become organ donors >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 It has been 20 years this month since Sue Sprague received a kidney and pancreas transplant. Now, during Donate Life Month, she's urging more people to become organ donors. Just 28 percent of New Yorkers are registered donors, well below the ...

Parents hear daughter's heart beat in chest of transplant survivor ... >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 Anne Campbell pressed the stethoscope to her chest and watched as the woman in front of her gasped, then cried and then smiled.

For Lead native, organ donation lifelong passion >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 UNOS, based in Richmond, Va., is a private nonprofit organization that manages the nation's Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network under contract with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The OPTN brings together medical ...

The irrational fears of organ donation - The Diamondback >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 Doing something as simple as checking off a box on your driver's license could be enough to give someone a second chance to live.

Double organ transplant recipient recalls life saving donation >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 April is donate life month and because of an organ donation, a Jennings man is alive today. At the age of 13, Landon Benoit was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.

Strides in Organ Transplant >> Transplants - Organ Donations

4/26/2017 Over 50,000 organ transplant surgeries were conducted during the last fiscal year that ended on March 20. Around 2,500 kidney, 802 liver, 119 heart, 30 pancreas and several intestine and lung as well as 1,040 bone marrow transplants were performed in ...

Rajasthan on swine flu alert, 17 test positive in 3 days >> Swine Flu

4/26/2017 Chief medical health officer (Jaipur I) Dr Narottam Sharma said, "It's quite unusual for swine flu cases to be reported at a time when the temperature is hovering over 40 degree Celsius.

No vaccines yet for GMCH doctors, staffers treating H1N1 patients >> Swine Flu

4/26/2017 Nagpur: Doctors and staffers handling swine-flu cases at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) are facing the threat of virus as none of them have been provided swine-flu vaccines. As per the state public health department data, there have ...

Despite soaring temperatures, swine flu cases continue to rise >> Swine Flu

4/26/2017 "State health minister Deepak Sawant has taken special measures to tackle swine flu. The department is fully prepared.

2 swine flu cases surface, doctors advise against panic >> Swine Flu

4/26/2017 Kolkata: Swine flu, which is caused by the H1N1 virus, has resurfaced after lying low for a year. Two children who tested positive for the virus are und-ergoing treatment at two hos-pitals in the city.

Swine flu on the rise in Maharashtra, 127 lives claimed so far this year >> Swine Flu

4/26/2017 Swine Flu or H1N1 related deaths are on a steady rise in Maharashtra compared to last year, according to data by the Maharashtra epidemiology department.

swine flu cases in Jaipur: Seven more test positive for swine flu in ... >> Swine Flu

4/26/2017 JAIPUR: Scare of swine flu is taking city into its grip. It has victimised seven more persons in the city on Saturday as total number of persons tested positive for ...

Chandigarh: Tricity records first swine flu death of season >> Swine Flu

4/26/2017 THE TRICITY recorded the first swine flu death of the season after a 32-year-old patient from Panchkula district died at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) in Sector 32.

Swine Flu claim's aged woman's life in GMCH - Nagpur Today ... >> Swine Flu

4/26/2017 Nagpur: Swine Flu continues to wreak havoc in the city as one more patient died of the dreaded disease. A 63-year old woman, S Zade, was admitted to GMCH ...

Woman succumbs to swine flu | Pune News - Times of India >> Swine Flu

4/26/2017 A 37-year-old woman from Ahmednagar district succumbed to swine flu at a private hospital here, taking the number of casualties in Pune city to 39 so far this ...

Chandigarh: Two-year-old dies of swine flu in PGI >> Swine Flu

4/26/2017 A 2-year-old boy from Faridkot died of swine flu at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research here. It is the second swine flu death reported in the city hospital, but so far no such case is reported from a city resident. Gursahaj ...

Dreaded swine flu gives a summer scare >> Swine Flu

4/26/2017 According to health department figures, the total number of swine flu cases in April 2015 was 11. In the same year, 59 tested positive in January, which rose to 1,366 in February and fell to 611 in March.

Bare bones: Making bones transparent >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 Like skin, bone is constantly renewing itself, shedding old tissue and growing it anew from stem cells in the bone marrow. Now, a new technique developed at Caltech can render intact bones transparent, allowing researchers to observe these stem cells ...

Identical twins, not-so-identical stem cells >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 A better understanding of these differences will help researchers refine stem-cell based treatments for disease.

Lawsuit against stem cell clinic Stemgenex can move forward, judge rules >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 A San Diego federal judge on Tuesday cleared a lawsuit against a La Jolla clinic purporting to offer stem cell treatments for various diseases to move toward trial on fraud and misrepresentation claims.

Cancer-causing mutations found in pluripotent stem cells >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 Stem cell researcher Jeanne Loring said the finding came as no surprise, as she has taken part in research indicating P53 vulnerabilities with pluripotent stem cells. So the genomes of these cells need to be closely scrutinized before their use. In ...

Stem Cells Aid Understanding of Angelman Syndrome >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 Researchers at UConn Health used stem cells derived from patients with Angelman syndrome to identify the underlying cellular defects that cause the rare neurogenetic disorder, an important step in the ongoing search for potential treatments for ...

World's 1st Stem Cell Transplant from Donor to Man's Eye Shows Promise of Restoring Sight >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 Harvard scientists see stem cell biology as a path to counter aging and extend human lifespans. But the International Society for Stem Cell Research warns that there are many challenges ahead before these treatments are proven safe and effective. The U ...

Stem cells from our own bodies could cure MS and diabetes >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 Yet so far, only a small number of patients in the UK have been given the treatment. Global progress on research was initially limited because ethical concerns about using stem cells from early embryos led President George W. Bush to declare a ...

Stem Cells Aid Understanding of Angelman Syndrome | Technology ... >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 Technology Networks is an internationally recognised publisher that provides access to the latest scientific news, products, research, videos and posters.

Stem cells help researchers identify neuronal defects causing ... >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 Researchers have used stem cells derived from patients with Angelman syndrome to identify the underlying neuronal defects that cause the rare neurogenetic ...

Researchers study secrets of aging via stem cells >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 In addition to the overall process of aging, researchers at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, as well as across the University and its affiliated institutions, are investigating an array of diseases whose incidence increases - sometimes dramatically ...

Should Californians give more money for stem cell research? >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 These are some of the issues to be addressed Thursday in San Diego at a special stem cell meeting that's free and open to the public.

Stem cell research: The hope and the hype >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 MADISON, Wis. - In research labs at the McPherson Eye Research Institute, work is being done to find ways to use stem cells to halt and possibly reverse vision loss caused by blinding diseases. “I have a tremendous amount of hope,” said Dr. David Gamm, ...

Genes need to be screened for stem cell transplants >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 However, a research team from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI), Harvard Medical School (HMS), and the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard has found that as stem cell lines grow in a lab dish, they ...

California's $3-billion bet on stem cells faces final test : Nature News ... >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 Major investment in regenerative medicine enters its last stage - and the money might run out before treatments are ready.

Are baby, wisdom teeth the next wave in stem cell treatment? >> Stem Cell Research

4/26/2017 Tooth banking is not currently popular, but the trend is gaining acceptance mainly in the developed countries, researchers have found.

Who Should Get a Statin? Guidelines Don't Match Up >> Statins

4/26/2017 Fewer patients would be prescribed statin therapy if physicians based treatment decisions on the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) guidelines for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease than if they followed the American ...

One in Five Acute MI Patients Drop Statins Within 2 Years >> Statins

4/26/2017 The identification of these characteristics associated with continuing statin therapy “could inform interventions to reduce the residual cardiovascular risk after MI,” lead investigator Lisandro Colantonio, MD (University of Alabama, Birmingham), and ...

More Evidence Statins Improve Renal Cell Carcinoma Outcomes >> Statins

4/26/2017 The U.S. investigators found a cancer-specific survival rate of 88% among people who received statins, compared with 69% among patients who received non-statin lipid therapies. All patients had both RCC and dyslipidemia. The team retrospectively ...

Adherence to high-intensity statin drops-off for many following heart attack >> Statins

4/26/2017 A substantial proportion of patients prescribed high-intensity statins following hospitalization for a heart attack did not continue taking this medication with high adherence at two years after discharge, according to a study published by JAMA Cardiology.

Adherence to high intensity statins drops off for heart attack patients >> Statins

4/26/2017 Patients prescribed high-intensity statins following hospitalisation for a myocardial infarction do not continue taking these drugs with high adherence at two years after discharge, according to a study published in JAMA Cardiology (online, 19 April 2017).

Many Heart Attack Patients Fail to Stick With Statins >> Statins

4/26/2017 High doses of powerful statin drugs have been shown to avert future heart problems, including heart attack and stroke. Yet many heart attack patients stop taking these medicines as recommended, a new study reveals.

Should you take statins? 2 guidelines offer different answers | KSL ... >> Statins

4/26/2017 When it comes to using statins to prevent a first heart attack or stroke, one leading U.S. guideline recommends the drugs to 9 million more people than the other, ...

Adherence to Statins after ACS: What's Your Baseline? >> Statins

4/26/2017 Patients who experience acute coronary syndrome (ACS) need high-intensity statin therapy. Evidence supports its use and shows that it confers a survival benefit.

Elderly Women at Higher Risk of Developing Diabetes While Taking Statins >> Statins

4/26/2017 Statins, the inhibitors of HMG-CoA reductase, have long been an important piece in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disorders.

Pharmacist nudging closes gap in statins for people with diabetes ... >> Statins

4/26/2017 Pharmacists who reach out to prescribers can help ensure that people with diabetes get the recommended prescriptions for statins, according to a study.

The side effects of statins outweigh their benefits >> Statins

4/26/2017 Statins are a group of medicines that lower 'bad' cholesterol in the blood. High cholesterol can cause hardening and narrowing of the arteries, which may lead to heart disease.

Adherence to Post-MI High-Intensity Statins Wanes By 2 Years >> Statins

4/26/2017 BIRMINGHAM, AL - Few Medicare beneficiaries hospitalized for acute MI who filled a prescription for a high-intensity statin continued to maintain a high level of ...

Do Latest US Guidelines Bypass, or Spare, Millions From Statins? >> Statins

4/26/2017 Some 9 million fewer Americans would be recommended for primary-prevention statin therapy under the USPSTF guidelines, but experts agree the optimal ...

Statins may benefit cirrhotic patients with Hepatitis B or C infections >> Statins

4/26/2017 A Hepatology study from Taiwan has found that statins may provide benefits to patients with HBV- or HCV-related cirrhosis. When the liver fails to compensate for the functional overload resulting from disease, a situation called decompensation occurs.

Research on statins reveals many potential benefits >> Statins

4/26/2017 Statins, which are also known as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, are drugs that lower cholesterol by blocking the liver substance responsible for making cholesterol.

Heart Attack Survivors Often Fail to Take Statins >> Statins

4/26/2017 People who survive a heart attack are urged to take statin drugs to prevent recurrent disease, but most patients in a large study either took less of the cholesterol-lowering medicines than needed or stopped taking them entirely within two years.

Saudi council rejects proposal for female sports colleges (Apr 26, 2017) >> Sports Medicine

4/26/2017 Saudi women who want to study sports medicine or physical education at the university level have to study abroad. The country's General Sports Authority offers certificates in some courses.

Rock/Creek, Erlanger Sports Medicine partnering for trail races >> Sports Medicine

4/26/2017 Chattanooga-based outdoor outfitter Rock/Creek is partnering with Erlanger Sports Medicine as the official medical provider for the 2017 Rock/Creek Trail Race Series.

Runner Sets Sights on Boston Marathon Thanks to UK Sports Medicine >> Sports Medicine

4/26/2017 Hall refused to give up her dream of running the Boston Marathon and a physician at Vanderbilt University referred her to Dr. Christian Lattermann at the University of Kentucky Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. Lattermann, a specialist in ...

Monmouth athlete rushed to Monmouth Medical Center from banquet >> Sports Medicine

4/26/2017 "Last night at the Monmouth Athletics Annual Awards Banquet a student-athlete had a medical emergency. Our sports medicine staff, who were on hand, were able to act quickly to aid the student-athlete until paramedics arrived for transport to Monmouth ...

Injured Indiana athletes describe isolation, poor treatment by staff >> Sports Medicine

4/26/2017 Next month, Indiana is slated to restructure its sports medicine program to improve the accountability of team doctors. One major change will make Hipskind, the chief medical officer, an employee of the university within the athletic department ...

Northwest Ohio Orthopedics & Sports Medicine opening surgery center: 4 key notes >> Sports Medicine

4/26/2017 Findlay-based Northwest Ohio Orthopedics & Sports Medicine received approval for a 13,332-square-foot surgery center, The Courier reports.

Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine clinic now in the Woodlands >> Sports Medicine

4/26/2017 The Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine clinic has moved to a new location in The Woodlands. The new 10,000-square-foot facility on the Houston Methodist Woodlands Hospital campus offers onsite imaging, durable medical equipment and ...

Nationals expand partnership with Inova Sports Medicine to provide uniforms for Northern Virginia youth baseball ... >> Sports Medicine

4/26/2017 Today, the Washington Nationals announced the expansion of the Nationals Youth Baseball Uniform Program into Northern Virginia, in partnership with Inova Sports Medicine, the official hospital network and sports medicine partner of the Nationals.

Erlanger Sports Medicine Chattanooga Kickoff Classic Set For August >> Sports Medicine

4/26/2017 Notre Dame will play Baylor at 6 p.m. and Chattanooga Central will face off with Walker Valley at 8:30 p.m. in the week one matchups.

American Sports Medicine Institute to host sports agents conference >> Sports Medicine

4/26/2017 "With topics such as Tommy John surgery, ACL injuries, concussions and biologics increasingly in the sports news headlines, we felt it was time to provide a platform for medical specialists to reach sports agents directly in an engaging, educational ...

Sports Medicine Devices Market- Growth Opportunities by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application; Trends ... >> Sports Medicine

4/26/2017 Sports Medicine Devices market size (volume and value), and the segment markets by regions, types, applications and companies are also discussed.